12 March 2014

5D3N Korea Part I and II.

I foresee this one to be a really long post with photos, so I shall break them to half-half. No energy to post all today also ah. 

Date: 6-10 March 2014.

Total number of people: 59 (including myself)
Airline used: Malaysia Airlines.

Part III
Part IV & V

Day One (6th March 2014)

I went into office and worked for half a day till 3pm. Rushed home and got myself a long clean shower (since it was going to be an overnight flight and nowhere can bathe sumore). Finalized my packing and off we  go!

Arrived at the airport at about 5pm and waited for all the Penang team to come and have their luggage checked in. Then, we had a short briefing by my colleague, Kah Yin who literally helped us book the entire trip. 

The first flight MH1165 was a domestic one and we took off at about 8:35pm, landed at KLIA at about 9:30pm. For the PEN-KUL flight, only drinks and a packet of salted peanuts were given. You can of course ask for more drinks/peanut if you really want to :)

Our second flight to Incheon International Airport, MH 66 took of at 11pm. At this point, I was so tired already. MAS printed two times for the same seating so there was a bit of mess when we were boarding and all, but was finally settled because the man was nice enought to switch seats with us so that our group can all sit nearby each other. MAS system's fault but the MAS man was so rude to me. Tsk tsk.

We each have a mini TV with a lot of movies (old ones and latest ones), music, TV series etc. I think after we all settled down and feel comfortable, they started serving supper. 

Oh! Before that, they gave everyone a headset each, sealed in a plastic bag and no, you can't bring them home. They will collect them back before the plane lands. Also, each seat has a pillow and a blue blanket. 

All plugged in and ready to watch Frozen, then comes the lady with the sandwich. SUPPER TIME! I think it tasted better than it looks. Or maybe it didn't taste that great also. I remembered it was kinda dry but edible la.

After makan and watch Frozen till the Princess Ana got healed of the ice-struck at the heart, I fell asleep. So, I switched off everything and took about 20 minutes to find the comfortable spot. Then, at about 3:30am, they turned on ALL the lights and serve us breakfast. BREAKFAST AT 3:30AM! *faints* 

That's also because we were going to land quite soon. Two kinds of breakfast you can choose!

Number One: Nasi Lemak with anchovies.

Number Two: Omelette with sausage and potato wedges.

It was rather difficult to scoop those food and put inside the mouth. I then decided to continue Frozen while trying to have my breakfast. That took about 10 minutes and then I gave up and went back to sleep. This time, I no longer can find the comfy spot so I just sleep. Woke up with a strained muscle on the right side of my neck. Very good. 

Day Two (7th March 2014)

When we arrived and walked to the airport through the tube thing, we all immediately felt the winter and stopped to put our winter coats on. IT WAS SUPER COLD even in the airport. Then, we were greeted by the airport staff who speaks just-enough-english-for-me-to-understand-them and brought us to the immigration and luggage carousel and then we found our way out and met with our tour guides :)

Needless to say that the moment we stepped foot out from the airport, we were freezing out hands off already. Ran to the bus like mad girls. Too cold guys, too cold! I was mentally not ready for that kind of cold. Not yet.

After discussing with the tour guides, Bob and David, we decided to bring the 58 excited tourist to kimchi making and wear Hanbok session first before we take the 3.5 hours drive to Ski Alpensia Resort. 

There were so many people in that Kimchi School that it's so crowded and to move also susah. Some people went to the bus and waited since not everyone wants to wear the Hanbok. I didn't try because I was supposed to be "working" and there were too many people. Cute lahh this family *points up*

Then, lunchtime! We all had bibimbap with shabu shabu. Winter makes people get hungry very fast, and thirsty too.

After lunch, we went to a very tourist-y place, Gyeongbok Palace and National Folklore Museum. All the historical stories and stuff. I don't know.. I was kinda busy playing with the boys a lil and taking photos and trying to keep my fingers still warm and alive.

Then, the 3.5 hours of journey begins. It was beautiful when we reached Ski Alpensia Resort. The city itself where we stopped for dinner was already so breathtaking. Too bad I didn't have time to take photos because I was handling the rooming and stuff. I didn't really get to eat too, but it's alright. It was fun :)

After resting a while, some of us went outside to the mart to get cup noodles and snacks, and almost died. Yeah, the cold winter wind almost killed us all, except Nathan because he like no feeling eh towards the cold. We ran like we're being chased or something. IT WAS SERIOUSLY COLD! 

Some of them can play snow fight sumore. Not for me. Hahaha. I hid in the lobby till they were done.

This photo taken from inside the glass door. No way I was going outside with him holding snow like that, No way :)

Ahhhh. day one is finally over. Andrew, Leroy and myself spent the night talking and eating our cup noodles in Andrew's room since he has the room all to himself. 

Only on the first day and it's quite a long post already. Wahhhhh. 

Stay tuned guys! More exciting things about Korea! :)