28 October 2020

2D1N Kuala Kurau, Perak.

Remember the "solo trip" I had with Contiki back in May 2019 where I was away from my husband and Alex for nine days? 

It was my first time in Europe and I was pregnant and being away from my family sucks big time, even though I did enjoy myself there. 

But since then, I told myself that I will never go on holiday with my baby because it was the hardest thing in the world! Being away from Alex that whole nine days was pure torture and really, I was emotionally so down. 

So, ever since then we always try to plan for holidays and "try" to exclude the kids but we will never do it because I know I sure super sad wan. 

Then when Shanice invited us to go on this trip, I said yes almost immediately because we have never been to Kuala Kurau and since we can only cuti-cuti Malaysia, why not la right. 

When we were working out the details like how to fit the car seat into the company's van and whatnot, we realized that it is quite troublesome to bring my two kids since it is only a one-night kind of getaway. I mean - like we have to bring a lot of things so the idea of not bringing them was brought up. 

After much discussion with Adrian and my parents, we decided that they will spend a night at the grandparents' while Adrian and I go enjoy our two-days-one-night getaway to Kuala Kurau. 

We did miss them immediately when we checked-into the homestay. We said, "Ohh Alex would love it here, can run around"

But we also did had a great time dating (sort of) and making new friends! This short trip made me realize that it is so crucial that husband and wife must take a night off some time to go on a staycation or something because, for me, I felt like I connected (back) with my husband. 

It is not like we were on bad terms or something, but it was very refreshing to be able to spend the night together, talking and laughing at the silliest thing - without having to quickly shower for the kids and put them to bed and one of us ended up being too sleepy to talk or watch a movie together at the end. 

Anyway, so here are some photos from the trip. We absolutely loved the kampung-feel at the homestay where we were staying at - MyHome Twenty One. You can find them on Airbnb but if you go through my company (Holiday Tours Penang), you get more things included like transportation and meals! 

If you do not know, Kuala Kurau is located in Perak and it takes about an hour from Penang - super near to Penang in our opinion. 

Also, disclaimer dulu ya - not all the photos are taken by me. I was too busy trying to take video shots so most of these photos are from Bruce and Kelvin. Told you we made new friends :) Love it!

If you are so busy and no time to read this post, then can click on the video and go watch also no problem wan. AND REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLEASE. 

Really a very short and quick getaway ya. Heh. 

Till next time, bye now.