19 March 2021

Island Problems at Campbell Street, Penang.

We have been eating (a lot) - mostly at home because of the pandemic but when we get to go outside to eat, it is very much treasured. 

We still try not to bring the kids out to eat (and to shopping malls) because hello, coronavirus is still here and vaccine pun not everyone get yet. 

One of the restaurants that I have been wanting to try is Island Problems

When I first heard the name from Adrian, I corrected him because it sounded a lot like Adrian had a problem telling me the 'real' name. So funny, please. He looked so confused because I was in disbelief. I remembered very clearly that he had to say a few times to convince me that the restaurant is indeed called Island Problems

He went there once and since then, I have been seeing IG stories and posts where people share their food and reviews of this place and I just had to try it. 

That day came and I finally get to try on a few 'famous' items on their menu but since we did not manage to try all this time, surely we will go back to try more okay - maybe dinner time next round. Who wants? Let's go together! 

Anyways, here is the link to their menu if you would like to look-see first and allocate your budget heh. 

If you see their menu, you can quickly assume that this restaurant-style is a very Japanese-Thai fusion kind and I don't know what the story is like for this Island Problems, but the inside of the restaurant is very western-ish (if I can reference it that way). 

They have a big bar that basically takes up the entire ground floor where people (usually couples I think) will dine at the bar while watching the people work. 

They also have this not-safe-at-all-open-concept-staircase where you will be led to the second floor with very minimal seating areas. Again, I want to point that this place is not kids-friendly - especially if you have a walking/running toddler. Their stairs are very modern and artsy and not safe. Again - the keyword here is not safe. Hah. 

But a very nice place to dine with your lover and/or friends. Oh, and please if you can, book ahead of time to avoid being turned away due to full-house. Their place is quite small and people can take some time to dine and talk and all, so better to call them and make bookings. 

Here are some foods that we ordered for sharing. We left the restaurant one and half hours later - feeling very full and satisfied. 

150g sliced Japanese wagyu, range egg, furikake with rice
He says: Too buttery for me, however the beef is perfectly cooked. But I would not order this again.
She says: Quite a small bowl for RM88 priced dish but then again, it's wagyu so what do you expect right. The sliced wagyu is buttery and salty and soft - almost melt in your mouth kind - but with enough texture, for you to chew and enjoy its goodness. The rice underneath is Japanese rice so what can be wrong with it? The answer is nothing la okay. 

Salmon sashimi, salmon roe served with rice
He says
: It's okaylah. A bit too much of the salmon egg. This is probably my best dish of the day. 
She says: I personally do not know how to enjoy sashimi with rice (yes, I don't eat salmon sushi also wan). I usually eat just the sashimi but this one I had to try because ordered already. The sashimi and salmon roe are very fresh so, overall quite a good dish. 

Chicken katsu, house katsu sauce, milky bread
He says
: The bread for me is the same as bangkali roti. But the fried chicken was quite well-fried.
She says: The chicken katsu inside is legit yummy. It tasted like any other really good fried chicken but this one got their house katsu sauce, so I think that is the thing that makes it yummy. I thought the milky bread could be a lot softer because it was quite dense. 

Tenderloin steak, house sauce, milky bread
He says
: Nothing special. 
She says: Tasted very similar to the wagyu, to be honest - buttery and salty. Milky bread same-same - will be nicer if softer.  

Truffle scrambled egg top with unagi served with rice
He says
: Oh this is actually my best dish of the day. First time having truffle with unagi and it blends well. 
She says: My absolute favorite of all the dishes we tried. The scrambled egg is cooked with truffle so can you imagine the aroma, and then you eat with the unagi and rice, and you just need to close your eyes and chew. It was so good! I never thought that truffle would go so well with unagi because it is not one of my favorite food combos. This one wins. 

Scallops, prawn, shrimp & salmon roe, creamy black pasta
He says: It's alright. 
She says: Our first dish - did not disappoint. I am not the creamy-pasta-person, but this was yummy. It did not have that overpowering creamy taste that most creamy pasta dishes usually have. It has a very nice seafood-y taste to it which I super love because I am a seafood person. 

Total bill for 4-persons: RM315

We ordered a drink each but no need to review because their drinks are not anything special. 

So, there it is - our honest reviews on the food. Personally, for me, I will definitely go back there to dine despite pricey tags. Also, just want to add that their portions are not super big or anything so if you happen to be quite a bigger appetite person, one order is not enough for you, probably the same case for me heh. 

Photos are all taken with iPhone 12 - it looks so nice because so ngam the place we were seated had such a great backlight. Heh. I am actually not pro at all in food-photography taking. 

Till next makan, bye now.