18 March 2022

2D1N Angsana Teluk Bahang, Penang.

 Ever since Angsana Teluk Bahang Hotel, Penang opens up, I have always wanted to have a staycation there, but the price was a bit too high for my staycations budget. Heh. 

There is no budget actually, but unlike me, the husband is way more careful with spending money, especially on staycations. He would rather use the same amount of money to go elsewhere for a real holiday. 

But since staycation is the closest thing to a "safe" holiday now, let's just do some staycations, can? Heh. 

We usually just never consider Angsana Teluk Bahang because to pay at least RM500 per night, we just somehow cannot. Hah. 

Then one day, we got invited to a wedding dinner - guess where? 

Yes, Angsana Teluk Bahang.  If you didn't manage to guess that, then please keep up okay. Hah. 

So, immediately I wanted to know if there are any special rates for wedding attendees but turns out not much of a difference, so we swept those thoughts aside and moved on with life. Hah. 

To cut the story short (because I am not feeling very wordy today), we managed to book 2 connecting rooms (Superior and Deluxe) for my parents and ourselves for the wedding weekend. 

I was super happy because that means I don't have to be away from my children after the wedding ends, and I still get to snuggle with them on their huge (so so huge) King sized bed. 

All rooms at Angsana Teluk Bahang face the sea, so your view will be 100% best. That is probably why they can charge higher than normal hotels I guess.

I love the rooms! Both the Superior and Deluxe ones. The Superior Room comes with a daybed so actually can stay 3 adults. We requested extra blankets and pillows. The Deluxe Room is huge! It comes with a small kitchen area, dining area, and living area. The bed faces the sea, and that was the winning point for me. I love it so much. I lied down on the bed and stared out to the sea for the longest time - just daydreaming and all. 

Oh, Deluxe Room also comes with a balcony! I love having a balcony (and a bathtub - which also got) during staycations. But let's just say we didn't get the chance to use the bathtub (the kids did though) because we had a wedding to attend that night and we all (*ahem* Adrian) obviously drank a bit too much to do anything after the party. Heh. 

Their breakfast spread is average. They didn't taste bad, but not super great also, so for us it's okay-okay. We thought that it was very expensive though. It's about RM64 per adult, a 50% discount for children aged 5 and above. 

Adrian thinks that the hotel itself doesn't give off that nice staycations' feel. Our rooms are quite a walking distance to the main lobby and pool. Their beach is quite dirty, as compared to the hotels along Batu Feringghi. We didn't even want to spend more than 10-minutes on the beach. 

Their kids' pool (although got slides and all) still somehow feels like it is missing some family staycations vibe. I don't know how to actually word it out here. 

But overall, it is highly likely that we will not go back there unless we get a really good offer again. Hah. Or if given free then, of course, we will take it! 

I did not take any photos of the rooms, because after taking videos, I forgot about it and jumped on the bed. It was so nice! 

But yeah, enjoy these videos on Youtube, by yours truly. 

The wedding dinner was held in one of the big ballrooms, and there were like 20 round tables, with only 6 persons per table. The food portion was catered to just 6 persons of course (not sure how they charge per table though) and the food quality was just averagely okay for us. Then again, it is quite tough to find really good and yummy wedding dinners, right? 

I remembered loving the 8-course dinner at G-Hotel during our Food Tasting, but we heard from our guests that the food was pretty bad. I guess when you need to cook for 400 people, things go wrong somewhere. Oh, wells. 

It was still a very fun wedding dinner. I bumped into a lot of friends whom I thought I have forgotten, but good times. We ate, laughed, drank, and laughed some more. It was really a great night out (in) since we stayed in the same hotel. Hah. 

So yeah, another weekend in January came and left. 

Till next staycations, you guys, bye now,