27 October 2022

Gender Reveal Party for Baby #3!

It took us such a long time to find out the gender of this baby as compared to our first two - but we finally know! 

It was during one of my pre-natal check up at the Klinik Kesihatan and I was telling my doctor that we have no idea yet what it's gender is, so she was like, "Oh, okay - let's find out today!"

She moved the ultrasound wand thing around and immediately saw and confirmed it. To be honest, I already knew (in my heart) that our third baby is a boy. 

Many people asked both Adrian and I which gender we would prefer, and for me, I was okay with either boy or girl because I already got both. Adrian on the other hand wanted another boy - and his only reason was because, "then Sofia gets to be my one and only girl". 

Obviously my heart melted when he said that, and I find myself secretly (unconsciously) hoping that this baby would be a boy too - because that would make my husband really happy. But we also know that if this baby turns out to be a girl, then he would be really happy too because this would mean that he will have 2 girls to love and spoil for the rest of their lives. 

So, during that trip to the clinic, I was on my own because Adrian had to fetch Alex to school and Sofia to grandparents' house - that means only the doctor and myself knew about the gender - and it was in my intention to keep it that way. 

Obviously I had to plan for a small intimate gender reveal party with our closest. We extra like that heh. I also know that I do not have the capacity to keep it a secret for long (I can accidentally blurt out please), so the gender reveal party was planned and executed in less than a week. 

I immediately ordered a giant black balloon (36 inches) with 20 helium-filled mini colored balloons (either blue or pink) inside from One Image Balloon Deco - RM165 (I know - balloons are not cheap heh) but I prefer to pop a balloon then cutting a cake because a cake would be more costly since I want those kind of customized pretty looking cake. So, in a way, cost saving also right to get balloons. Hah. 

The owner of One Image is a friend of Adrian's so I had text the owner and told him not to tell Adrian the gender because now he knows  and he super steady of course. Heh. 

Got party means sure need food, right? 

My mother-in-law cooked lemak laksa (which is the best we have tasted so far!), my mom made her famous Shepherd's Pie and then we got all other side dishes from family and friends. No photos too bad because we so busy talking and bonding. 

It was really just a simple get-together in our humble home on a Saturday evening. Before the sky turned dark, we went to the garden and did the popping. I was nervous (no idea why) but I was super    thrilled to see Adrian's reaction when he pops the balloon. 

It was everything! He went to bed smiling (and snoring 5-seconds after that hah). 

Here's our gender reveal balloon popping moment caught on video - thank you Sharon and all of you for helping us record and take photos of the moment! 

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Many of you have guessed it right - and many didn't haha.

And thank you for loving us and celebrating with us as we patiently wait to welcome our baby boy to this world in December! We are starting to be a bit scared but in a good way. 

We really need to start assembling the baby cot and do up the breastfeeding corner in our room. We are turbo-ing through it as we need to first move both Alex and Sofia to their own room - which will happen really soon. 

That - I am really scared because I have no idea how it's going to be. Will they transition well? Any tips and tricks are appreciated! 

So yeah, till next update - bye now.