06 October 2022

Nikgold Garden Resort Kundasang, Kinabalu National Park, Sabah.

When we were searching for a place at Kundasang that could house 9-adults, it was a long process - only because we wanted like good view, clean and modern place with a reasonable price tag. 

We could not find one that has all our criteria, but we finally decided to go ahead with Nikgold Garden Resort Kundasang because the bungalow unit has the most amazing view of the Mount Kinabalu - right from the living area and porch/balcony area. That was the deal breaker. 

We took a while to confirm because the house is old, not very well kept and is definitely not modern, not super clean but not dirty as well. But the view so best, so we went for it. 

We only booked the unit for a night because we spontaneous gang like that. Heh. After spending few hours in it, we wanted to extend for another night but it was fully booked so we had to move to another place for our second night at Kundasang. 

The price for the bungalow unit was RM927.29 per night and there were 9 of us in the house - 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. 

I honestly wouldn't mind staying here again the next time we visit Kundasang, because like I said, the Mount Kinabalu view was crazy spectacular. It was right in front of us. 

If you book other smaller units, you will not get the view.  

Here's a short video clip to show you the entire bungalow. You are welcome :)

Till next travel, bye now.