03 April 2023

My Skin Biopsy Test Result is Out.

Many people did not know this, but growing up I have always been very happy and proud of my skin health. They are not the healthiest, but they also do not have patches and scars. They are quite dry but they were okay. They were pretty to look at, for me. 

I am sorry if it sounded like I am showing off, but I really am not. I am being real here. No cover ups. So when I had to endure this 'medical condition', it was devastating. I was struggling to accept it - which is something you all already knew if you followed me on IG. 

This is the most recent photo of my legs that Adrian had taken. The rashes now are very active on my legs and arms, and thankfully the ones on my neck started disappearing. Got one went to my ear lobe but also disappearing so yay. 

For those who do not know the story, here's a summary for you. 

I was pregnant with Adam last year when one day, a few tiny water-filled-bumps started appearing on my body. They were itchy and painful. It was at the beginning of my third trimester. My dermatologist and I (and many of you) were convinced that this is a pregnancy-induced-eczema and the rashes and bumps would disappear once Adam comes out. However, that is not how the story ends. Hah. 

Since then, I have gone to 4 different skin specialist, dermatologist and even went for a Chinese medicinal sifu. I wanted to get confirmation on the given diagnosis, and all said it was eczema, though they were giving me different trigger points. At first, I was sure that it's hormonal related, but now that I am seeing my fifth dermatologist, whom I will continue with - I am now sure that it is not hormonal related. She spent some time explaining to me on my condition, which I appreciate a lot. 

Adam is almost 4-months old and these rashes seemed to be still very much attached to me. 

So, that's the story. 

About a week ago, Dr Khoo Siew Swan from Adventist Hospital had recommended for a skin biopsy test to confirm her diagnosis, so that she could get me on a new set of medications that will work on my skin condition. 

The skin biopsy test's results came out today, and I have this condition called, "Acute Spongiotic and Psoriasiform Dermatitis". 

It's eczema, but mine is slightly more aggressive. 

She couldn't really tell me what could trigger my eczema, because it could be anything! But in my case, she believed that it could most likely be stress related. I laughed because then I told her that it could be true. When I go for holidays, the itch didn't seem as bad and as triggered. Then she laughed and said this. 

"I can write a holiday-prescription letter for you so you can send to your husband!"

Don't you think she is the best doctor in the world? We had quite a good laugh in her office today. Oh, and she also removed my stitches and allowed me to record them heh. We best friends or what? :) 

So, now that we know that we are fighting against eczema, she prescribed me with 3 tablets of Methotrexate (a type of immunosuppressant) for 2-weeks, followed by a blood test after that to check liver function and all. I will also continue taking steroid pills for now. Cannot continue take for long. 

I am also currently taking Zyrtec (anti-histamine) twice a day (morning and night). Some nights when the itch gets really bad and frustrating, I would take Atarax instead because it makes me drowsy and sleepy. 

I also found out form Google that this condition is usually (it's a possibility) also because of nutrition-deficiency, so guess who needs to be hardworking again in taking the Isotonix supplements heh. And because I want maximum absorption, I truly trust these Isotonix products. I was selling them, and now a bit quiet liau because I got other things to focus on heh. 

I have been taking the Isotonix OPC-3 twice a day and it helps me so much in maintaining my energy to last the day, especially after I started working! The best antioxidant supplement in the market thank you. Time for me to start taking Vitamin D and Calcium too. Luckily got in isotonic form. Heh. 

I just started work again after my maternity leave, and I remembered vividly that there was a time (about 3-weeks long) when I felt so defeated and it was so easy for me to cry. I could be brushing my teeth, and crying the next minute. Or I could look at Adam and cry. Some days, I would wake up with my heart beating faster than normal. Some other days, I would avoid eating because I feared it could trigger new rashes. 

But enough is enough. It has already taken over my physical body, I decided that it would not take my emotions and fighting spirit. It was affecting Adrian and my kids. It was affecting my parents, sisters and grandmother. 

My grandma would call me everytime she sees something on TV that she feels could help. One of the calls I remembered was after she watched a documentary on honey and the wonders honey can do. When my ah ma believes in a product, she really believes in a product, and very easy to convince her wan. Hah. 

Anyways, she called and asked me about the rashes and tried to convince me to eat honey hah. During that call, I was holding my breath so hard because I was literally wiping away tears from my eyes. I didn't want her to worry about me, and she sounded so worried. There is just something so comforting about her voice. But it was that call that made me realize that I need to beat this - mentally first, then the physical victory will come. 

Also, I am so thankful for you guys - the constant checking in, praying with and for me, and for cheering me on. Some of you don't even know me personally, but you reached out and DM-ed me anyways, and so many of you did not hold back in sharing your experiences and remedies with me. I tried most of them (if not all). Managing skin disease is expensive! Hah. So I cannot be getting all the different kinds of creams that you all suggest okay. But thank you for all your recommendations! 

It was a very lonely journey at first because no one could understand the pain and frustration, but you guys (friends or not), made it bearable, so thank you, thank you. I may not reply you and most likely it's because after reading your message, I got distracted by the kids and had forgotten all about it. 

But I'm not being rude okay. I have three kids now, please understand hahahah. 

Till next update, bye now.