15 April 2023

CitizenM Taipei North Gate Hotel at Ximending, Taiwan

We wanted a hotel that is close to Taipei's main station and has a great view of the city - like floor to ceiling expectation kind of thing. But hotels with great view of Taipei 101 is ridiculously expensive and since we would be making most of our time exploring Taipei, it makes no sense to spend a lot in our accommodation. 

I read about CitizenM in one the random blogs that I read, and I immediately loved it! 

It's the whole vibe that this hotel gives - very modern and chic and pretty to look at. They don't have the floor to ceiling window but they have like a huge window that sees a part of Taipei city, and I don't have sell my kidneys to stay three nights there. Heh. 

I paid a total of RM1,200 for three nights (King room with city view) through Agoda, and although the room is smaller than we expected, it's perfect for two people to stay. If the kids came along, then really not enough space liau. 

I love the self check-in and check-out system. They have a receptionist there at all time, but it's still a do it by yourself thing. Ohh, and the hotel smells uniquely amazing! 

In the room, everything is controlled by an iPad - lighting in the room and toilet (got different ambiance all some more), TV and all techy stuff. 

I already mentioned about the window, and really it was the selling point for me. I love having my bed right next to the window like this. In fact, if my future room can be like this, it's like one of my biggest wins in life. 

A girl can dream. But since my house now got no city view, go holiday sure try to get heh. 

I would definitely stay in this hotel again (without kids), but when we go back to Taipei, we would most definitely try another hotel, because we love experiencing new hotels :)

Here's a short video of our room tour. Short video because like I said, it's a small room. Hah. 

Enjoy and please visit Taiwan if you have not - it's a beautiful city. Read more on my other post thank you hehe. 

Till next staycation, bye now.