02 May 2024

A random thing tonight.

I still cannot find enough joy and strength to write the goodbye post for the Sha family. 

My husband says the only way to heal with time, is to go through with it. So, I guess no matter how hard it is for me, I will go back to attending life-groups and look forward to going to church. It's so hard because I know I will cry because they won't be there. I won't get my weekly hugs from Sha Lynn and Daryl. 

But I have to just go through it. 

Like how I did when Vanessa left home. 

I can do it again this time, though it may take a longer time. 

Also, what is with the weather these days? I am constantly searching for "affordable" winter holiday destinations to go with my family, but when I think about the fact that we need to multiply 4, I just close the Skyscanner app and forget it. 

If anything, we need to travel this year because Adam is still free. Heh. 

Counting down to September for the most precious holiday together. 

I also just found out that my Youtube channel has 102 subscribers already, like what? Where did these people come from? Hah. It started with 11 people. Sorry my 102 friends, I have no inspirations for the next video, so just stay tuned la ya. 

Actually got! Upcoming video will be my review about the Shin Ramyun and Jayfai's collaboration instant noodles! I want to see if it's worth the hype and money. Heh. Coming real soon. 

Okay, time for me to leave my laptop and go sleep with the toddlers. Adam is already asleep in the room by himself. Such a good boy. 

Okay bye now. 

Oh, and happy birthday Sasa! :)