29 May 2024

Who Is The Real MVP?

 I thought this was very cute and funny. 

I drove down to KL with my mother in law and three kids, by myself (first time). Adrian was already in KL for his floorball tournament. if I remembered correctly, it was Merdeka Cup 2023. 

We try to be there at "all" his tournaments if possible, because this is what family do, even though it's really difficult with three young and active kids. But since it's KL, we decided that it was going to be worth the drive and the tiredness heh. 

Adrian stayed with the floorball team throughout the weekend, while we stayed at Jaryn's. 

I want to say that Penang won champion last year, but again, I am not sure so I am not going to say it. 

Adrian was selected to be MVP for Penang and boy, were we excited, especially Alex and Sofia.

I wanted to update a post here because after the whole price giving ceremony, Sofia followed Adrian. Literally glued to him even though he was so sweaty. Adrian went to take some shots with his fellow teammates, and Sofia was smiling so professionally as though she won the MVP award. Hah. She doesn't even really like floorball ya, or sports in general. Haha. 

Super cute la please. 

Here are the photos. Enjoy! :)

Till next time. 

Bye now.