16 December 2012

Pre-Youth Camp.

Twelve hours to boarding the big bird to camp.


I can still remember when it was still twelve days away! Now it's like ONE SLEEP AWAY! Wow! 

Wow in a good way.

I just need to recover 100% before I start on another great holiday tomorrow. A lot of rest is needed. 

I am excited for tomorrow to come. It's going to be journey like no other camps I have ever been. I think this is like the 10th youth camps ever since I made Jesus my personal hero! :) All youth camps have their memorable moments. 

Just too bad that Koay could not make it this time. Oh well, there's always next year :)

Alright folks. Gotta go pack and finalize some stuff. 

11 December 2012

Monday Fever.

Never have fever for a long time already and then it decided to pay me a visit the week I'm going for holiday.

Not just fever sumore. With terrible headache. Adui. I hate being sick.

Now, I have to drive out sumore to visit clients. Here's hoping the fever doesn't get worst and the headache disappears. Oh well, I will still praise the Lord in times of pain and trouble.

Koay called at 6:00am this morning, said that he couldn't sleep because he had this terrible headache. He struggled on bed for like 5 hours. Poor thing. We prayed through the phone and I guess he could sleep after that.

Power of prayer is amazing. Prayer moves mountains. What kind of mountains of yours that you have seen moved because of your prayers? I have seen a lot and it wows me every single time.

God is indescribable.

08 December 2012

12th Month.

December is finally here. And I finally found some time to update this blog (while waiting for Koay to fetch me)

Today is in fact, the only one full day that we get to spend some time together. Past week was madly busy with work, youth camp's preparation and his assignment's due date and we just couldn't find time to see each other. Sadness.. Imagine next week lagi teruk. For two weeks straight, I will only see him once or twice, I think. Haha. Oh well.. 

So far, December has been.. December. It has always been the busiest month in my year. In a good way of course. Everyone loves December. I mean, come on it's the birth month of the Special One! :) The Reason to celebrate in all circumstances :)

Alright, I need to go off and get me some shorts for the upcoming holidays :)

04 December 2012

Vain Webcam.

Just want to try out my webcam (while waiting for my supper) and to get some vain moments.

Looks pretty good so far to me. 

how fast is it that it's mid of this week tomorrow already.
ke-ray-zee much.

30 November 2012

Like Travel.

Working in the travel industry is like being mean to yourself and at the same time, you make someone else happy.

So, you are happy and miserable the same time.

There are so many places that I want to visit that suddenly makes ka-ching ka-ching looks so unreachable. 

And especially with all these promotions happening. One more month to decide for next year's holiday. 

Oh and also if you want to know what kind of promotions are happening now, LIKE us at 'Holiday Tours & Travel Penang' and you will be surprised how affordable it is to travel now! 

My favorite brand has gotta be Contiki. Holidays for 18-35's! VERY VERY AFFORDABLE!

I shall wait till Koay starts working and the planning will begin very soon! :)

Now, I should go back to work hard to save those moolah.

27 November 2012


After months of 'planning' to get one, months of praying real hard and months of holding back that terrible 'want' to play Sims. It's finally here. IT'S HEREEE!! (It feels sooo good that I don't even know how to describe that feeling)

Now I can finally play Sims! After all this while..

23 November 2012

17 Weeks.

9.2cm in 17 weeks. The lil one is growing so fast! You can see her (most likely it's gonna be a baby girl, according to doctor) and that's one pretty long leg you see. And then you can her arms with her thumbs p covering her face. Shy baby is shy. Five more months till fireball pops you out! Ahhh! The whole world is excited for your arrival, you! Blessed Thanksgiving Friday! :)