08 December 2012

12th Month.

December is finally here. And I finally found some time to update this blog (while waiting for Koay to fetch me)

Today is in fact, the only one full day that we get to spend some time together. Past week was madly busy with work, youth camp's preparation and his assignment's due date and we just couldn't find time to see each other. Sadness.. Imagine next week lagi teruk. For two weeks straight, I will only see him once or twice, I think. Haha. Oh well.. 

So far, December has been.. December. It has always been the busiest month in my year. In a good way of course. Everyone loves December. I mean, come on it's the birth month of the Special One! :) The Reason to celebrate in all circumstances :)

Alright, I need to go off and get me some shorts for the upcoming holidays :)