11 December 2012

Monday Fever.

Never have fever for a long time already and then it decided to pay me a visit the week I'm going for holiday.

Not just fever sumore. With terrible headache. Adui. I hate being sick.

Now, I have to drive out sumore to visit clients. Here's hoping the fever doesn't get worst and the headache disappears. Oh well, I will still praise the Lord in times of pain and trouble.

Koay called at 6:00am this morning, said that he couldn't sleep because he had this terrible headache. He struggled on bed for like 5 hours. Poor thing. We prayed through the phone and I guess he could sleep after that.

Power of prayer is amazing. Prayer moves mountains. What kind of mountains of yours that you have seen moved because of your prayers? I have seen a lot and it wows me every single time.

God is indescribable.