09 January 2013

Exam Not.

*Love calling*

Me: Yo! How was it?
Koay: It was okayla. But got one question don't know the answer..
Me: What you mean? Others don't know also?
Koay: Yeah, it's like.. *paused* don't know how to tell you la.
Me: I don't want to know also! 
Me: HUH!? After one paper, you all celebrate kau kau d? First, Kenny Rogers. Now, movie?
Koay: *laughs*
Me: Gila.

That made me miss my college years, so much. 

08 January 2013

Color Cheers.

When Kelly was old enough to talk, she told me that the color she hates the most is black, because black is so like dark and scary. And then, she went on to say she hates pink too. Now, that's my girl. We both hates pink. But her schoolbag, water bottle, pencil case and other things she loves are all in pink. It's like we've got no choice but to like pink if you know, you happen to like those fairytale characters and most of them comes in pink. Sha Lynn definitely gonna get colorful things from me. No pink. Say no to pink! Purple still acceptable. Hah. Actually some shades of pink is nice. Sometimes, my braces are in pink. Like lips kind-of-pinkish-red.

During my era in primary schools, we go around with a nice diary, asked all our friends to write down their 'biodata'. Should have kept those diaries of biodatas till today la. Memories like that is precious. Anyways, one of that MUST question is "What is your favorite color?'. I remember mine was blue and then it changed to green when I enter Form 1. And it stayed green till today.

Colors definitely affect my decisions making in certain things. Like when I'm looking for a shampoo brand to try it out, anything pink will automatically be out of my list, or at least the last in the list when I have no choice at all. Or like certain shops that I will never walked in by myself because it's all pink, like that shop next to Kim Gary in Gurney last time. Now, it's dessert place d. Or like, I will never buy a pink dress/top/skirt. Even when my sister gave me a pink bottle that keeps a foldable umbrella, I kept it in Koay's car (actually because his car usually doesn't have umbrella also la). At first he thought it was a bottle and he refused to use it because it was pink. His reaction was huge! I even told him that I got it especially for him and make him feel guilty. So funny to see the way he reacted. Then, later only found out that it was actually an umbrella. Immediate relief shown from his face man. Anyways, it is proven that a  pink hater I am. Not that extreme though. Like some of the facial masks I use are wrapped in pink glossy plastic. 

But the, as years passed, I realized my 'hate' towards this color is dying. Like really quickly. I find myself becoming 'okay' with this, which is not me at all. 

Anything green (right shades of green that is) gets my attention immediately. Once, i bought a plain notebook that costs me RM30 plus, just because it looked so nice in that right shades of green. Went home and regretted. Probably got nagged by Koay for few days in a row (can't really remember how many days)

But now, I like anything that is colorful. More than one color. I like it even better if it has that unique look to it. Like it's so unusual kind. I will spend money to get it even if I have no idea what its functions are or even if I don't need it at all. Argh, this habit/obsession needs to end. But yeah, colors make me happy. I think color makes most people happy. It it doesn't, then it should. It cheers up the mood, for sure :)

07 January 2013

Bluey Day.

Waking up to the alarm this morning was such a pain. Never actually felt so ughh before to any mondays ever since I started working and having to wake up at 8am everyday (even on weekends!). What is happening?

I remembered a conversation I had with Josh the other day and surprisingly, my response became different than what I agreed with him then.

Josh: Wah, now I really feel it lo that I'm getting old.
Me: I know right *sad face*
Josh: It's like I don't want to sleep at all, you know.
Me: *looks at him* *waits for his explaination*
Josh: Cos don't want to waste the time ma.
Me: Yes hor. True heh.

I agree la with what he said. His logic behind it. But that's not what really that's happening to me eh. It seems like I just want to sleep more. Either cos I get tired easily now or sleeping has always been very important! Haha. Whatever it is, if I don't get "enough" sleep or food, I think i will get quite grumpy lo. Koay should know about that. Hah.

So today, I dragged myself to shower, brushed my teeth, checked the Instagram, called the babe and almost switched on the TV (come to think about it, I should have. It'll prob make me feel better! WHY DID I NOT DO IT! Argh.)  And then, I ate three pieces of oatmeal cookies with strawberries and blackcurrant (thought it would make me feel better but it didn't). Then, the thought of blogging about it actually made me feel better a lil. Somehow. It's so weird. It's like letting out one uncomfortable vomit or something.
I don't know about the rest of you and how you're feeling today or how you're handling your Monday blues if you have any but this definitely works alright for me.

Yeah, it's Monday today.
i will forever be 22 years old.

04 January 2013

Busy Friday.

busiest day of the week: Friday.

03 January 2013

Change is certain.

Surprise surprise! 

Change of layout is not optional. i was 'forced' to change it. 

The previous layout which was taken from blogskin went crazy (it's prob cos I did something also le heh) and I decided to just stick to the ones that doesn't need special professional way of handling its html. Such pain they give me I tell you. Almost spoil my entire day. Almost. 

How not to be tempted to be emo and moody when the day also become so gloomy with all the rain and stuff? But I did it. So proud of me self. Heh.

So I've just spent hours trying to get this current one fixed and up to my expectation. Shoulders are pretty sore right now from having to be so focused in it. Such dedicated blogger I am. 

I kinda like it. Not the best I've seen. But so far it's simple enough to my liking and it's not too plain. 

So, my title pretty much says it all. It made me realized today that whether I like it or not, change will happen. How I choose to see it or accept it will determine almost everything. I could have chosen to get really upset about it and complain non-stop in Twitter (which I did and then stopped) and Facebook, and then let this whole situation '├žontrols' me and my emotions and be grumpy whole day. 

It may seems like it's no biggie about this whole layout thing what right. But then again, when it comes to the things I love or like doing, I'm a lil OCD towards it. It has to be 'acceptable' to my eyes. And it really made me go 'NOOOO!' pretty loud in the office.

So yeah, I think and feel that there's going to be a lot of change happening around me this year. I like surprises but those kind that changes you forever, not very like-able. But for the future changes, I will definitely learn to accept it and look at it positively. I will for sure, bravely face them. That is, a promise to myself. 

The only one thing in my life that I know for sure will never change is the Big Man.
'Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever' (Hebrews 13:8)

Anyways, I am feeling pretty excited for tonight's meeting to plan for the whole year's events and dates and camps and retreats. Ahh, the joy of serving the fireBRANDS. It's there. It has been there many many years ago. So glad the fire is still burning :)

One more day till the weekends, everyone :)

02 January 2013

Sha Lynn.

Baby girl is growing real fast.

3 more months.


What happened to we-just-got-the-news-moment?

Salaku can't wait to carry you, play with you, feed you, make you laugh, make you cry, sleep with you, hold your tiny hands, take loads of photos with you, buy cute dresses for you, bring you go kai-kai, bully babysa together and most importantly, loving Jesus together! :)

01 January 2013

2013's 1st.

Yay! We did it. The world didn't end. The Mayan was wrong. Just some of the posts that I see on Facebook from last night till today. Can't believe some people actually believed that the world will end this year. It's pretty crap, no?



Amazing last moments of 2012.