07 January 2013

Bluey Day.

Waking up to the alarm this morning was such a pain. Never actually felt so ughh before to any mondays ever since I started working and having to wake up at 8am everyday (even on weekends!). What is happening?

I remembered a conversation I had with Josh the other day and surprisingly, my response became different than what I agreed with him then.

Josh: Wah, now I really feel it lo that I'm getting old.
Me: I know right *sad face*
Josh: It's like I don't want to sleep at all, you know.
Me: *looks at him* *waits for his explaination*
Josh: Cos don't want to waste the time ma.
Me: Yes hor. True heh.

I agree la with what he said. His logic behind it. But that's not what really that's happening to me eh. It seems like I just want to sleep more. Either cos I get tired easily now or sleeping has always been very important! Haha. Whatever it is, if I don't get "enough" sleep or food, I think i will get quite grumpy lo. Koay should know about that. Hah.

So today, I dragged myself to shower, brushed my teeth, checked the Instagram, called the babe and almost switched on the TV (come to think about it, I should have. It'll prob make me feel better! WHY DID I NOT DO IT! Argh.)  And then, I ate three pieces of oatmeal cookies with strawberries and blackcurrant (thought it would make me feel better but it didn't). Then, the thought of blogging about it actually made me feel better a lil. Somehow. It's so weird. It's like letting out one uncomfortable vomit or something.
I don't know about the rest of you and how you're feeling today or how you're handling your Monday blues if you have any but this definitely works alright for me.

Yeah, it's Monday today.
i will forever be 22 years old.