03 January 2013

Change is certain.

Surprise surprise! 

Change of layout is not optional. i was 'forced' to change it. 

The previous layout which was taken from blogskin went crazy (it's prob cos I did something also le heh) and I decided to just stick to the ones that doesn't need special professional way of handling its html. Such pain they give me I tell you. Almost spoil my entire day. Almost. 

How not to be tempted to be emo and moody when the day also become so gloomy with all the rain and stuff? But I did it. So proud of me self. Heh.

So I've just spent hours trying to get this current one fixed and up to my expectation. Shoulders are pretty sore right now from having to be so focused in it. Such dedicated blogger I am. 

I kinda like it. Not the best I've seen. But so far it's simple enough to my liking and it's not too plain. 

So, my title pretty much says it all. It made me realized today that whether I like it or not, change will happen. How I choose to see it or accept it will determine almost everything. I could have chosen to get really upset about it and complain non-stop in Twitter (which I did and then stopped) and Facebook, and then let this whole situation '├žontrols' me and my emotions and be grumpy whole day. 

It may seems like it's no biggie about this whole layout thing what right. But then again, when it comes to the things I love or like doing, I'm a lil OCD towards it. It has to be 'acceptable' to my eyes. And it really made me go 'NOOOO!' pretty loud in the office.

So yeah, I think and feel that there's going to be a lot of change happening around me this year. I like surprises but those kind that changes you forever, not very like-able. But for the future changes, I will definitely learn to accept it and look at it positively. I will for sure, bravely face them. That is, a promise to myself. 

The only one thing in my life that I know for sure will never change is the Big Man.
'Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever' (Hebrews 13:8)

Anyways, I am feeling pretty excited for tonight's meeting to plan for the whole year's events and dates and camps and retreats. Ahh, the joy of serving the fireBRANDS. It's there. It has been there many many years ago. So glad the fire is still burning :)

One more day till the weekends, everyone :)