08 September 2013


I get tired so fast lately that it shocks me. I find myself needing to pause to catch a breath or needing to sleep more. 


06 September 2013

He Never Fails.

This is hilarious. 

I went through quarter-life-crisis last year I think. I don't exactly know if it is even. Though I'm quite confident to say that it was. I guess..

If you were to ask me WHAT IS quarter life-crisis, I will ask you to tell me how you have been feeling about life, and then I'm able to tell you whether it is or not.

Most of you probably too young to go through it now. It's like you don't know what life is any-more and feeling lost (in a very funny kind) or confused with what you really want to do with your life. Something like that.

When I was at it, it was pretty horrible. I remembered having sleepless nights. Can cry one okay those nights when I just want to rest and my body/mind won't want to sleep at all! IT'S HORRIBLE!

Worse still, when I was in Club Med alone with another colleague, I felt so alone. Though I really enjoyed the holiday there, I know that I would have enjoyed them more if someone else was with me. Anyone that is. That is when I know I do not like travelling alone. NO FUN. 

Now that I've come out of it, more certain of life and knowing and ready for all its uncertainties, I've learnt to hang onto Him who is forever the same. Yesterday, today and days to come. I've learnt that through all heartaches, failures, wrong decisions, slightly-out-of-course-moments that there are lessons to be learned. And if I don't learn those lessons, I will go through that again and again till I finally do. 

It is amazing how Jesus has been reminding me of every little things that I do, He appreciates them. He honours that. He sees it. 

With every bumps I go over and every prayer I faithfully pray, I've gained a little ounce of His strength and hope that never fades. 

Day by day, He gives. You just need to ask, constantly. 

No matter how difficult/upset/disappointed I feel, it always get replaced by assurance and joy from up above. 

He never fails.

05 September 2013

04 September 2013

Normal VS Bangla.

Normal people hahas..
Bangla, babas..


03 September 2013

02 September 2013

Really Random.

When the alarm went off this morning at 0800 hours, it almost felt like I wanted to kill somebody because my dream was getting really interesting.

My department has a new guy today, doing sales too I think.

I had so many pieces of homemade sio-bak last night and I still miss them now.

3 our of 4 corporates I called this morning are all on the replacement holiday.

I had two pieces of butter cookies and now I'm stuffing myself with glucose ribena.

One day when we were in the car..
Him: I want to try new challenge la.
Me: *mumbles* Hurh?
Him: Like doing something extraordinary like flying a plane.. be a pilot for one day..
Me: *wakes up* Seriously? I know groupon all got sell ehh.. But i never suggested it because you sure say I simply spend money again..
Him: This one different la. This is like one in a million opportunity okayy..
Me: Ons la like that!
Him: Not only being a pilot la.. somemore like rock climbing like on real rocks and like sailing..
Me: and flying trapeze like in the circus?
Him: *getting too excited* Yeah yeah!!
Me: I know the answer to that. CLUB MED BRO!
Him: Ons la like that. When got promo, we straight buy!

Someone once told me that parents will know that their children has grown up when they tell you where they are going and with who instead of asking for permission. Vanessa is all grown up I guess. Now, she no need ask permission d. Soon, she'll be driving the car and us up the wall. Haha.

I drank a bit of Japanese alcoholic drink last night. It's my first time? And I didn't really like it?

I miss being at the beach, just hanging out and stuff.

All my working clothes is getting so tight its not even funny anymore. Time to really get serious about this.

Eleven more days to the chocolate land!

I suddenly don't have that SO-CRAZY-DESIRE to have the Q10. Prayer works I guess.

My table is so messy and I don't even know how to start clearing certain things and re-arrange the stuff again.

I kinda want to stay in Hard Rock Hotel again. So far best hotel rooms ever. Such comfotable bed and pillows!

September is finally here. Not that I have been waiting for it to come, but it's nice that August is over and moving in to a new September.

Last night's Seven Pound makes people sad. I walked home feeling so disturbed. Walked home because it was just next door, our home-cinema party!

I have yawned more than 5 times since nine am.

I just want to get the luggage sets of three. JUST WANT TO!

Okay, I shall go off now.

01 September 2013

Balls of Lights.

First time on a Saturday I felt so unwell that I almost skipped youth so that I could rest and catch up on my sleep, but good thing I went. I didn't even know I was supposed to chair until reminded. Hmm.. 

Anyway I thought maybe I should blog a little before I watch an episode of Lost, since blogging relaxes me. 

I recently bought a few household items like extension cord to replace the old one in my room, LIKE FINALLY and the feeling of cleaning my room and make everything beautiful again is back so yeah. Then, after taking the shower in the dark (Kelly switched them off and she didn't hear me "shouted"for her so I just decided to why not bathe in the dark. It's quite nice actually. Hah), I saw these little balled-up-lights that Koay got for me a while ago and I was praying so hard that it still works because earlier I tried and no lights at all. So I kept trying with other multi-plug and finally it worked. Pheww. Don't mind the other messy wires. I need an organizer that organizes my wires. I NEED THEM SO BADLY. Wires like these drives me up the wall. Ughh. Hah. 

Also, I just realized how much little I see Sha Lynn on weekends. It's either she's not home or I'm not home when she is. Like today, I saw her for a good 5 minutes and that's all! And now, I'm missing her like mad. 

This photo makes my arm looks amazingly huge. Maybe it is that big since I have put on quite a lot of weight for the past one month. Diet plans can never work out, especially if you are a food blogger. 

Okay, back to this photo. Sha Lynn is now four months old and she's getting more adorable each day. Not only that, she's also starting to show all her "manja-ness", especially when her grandparents around, or how she will fake her cry, sort of la. Super cute!

One thing amazing about her is that when she's out with anyone of us, she's always very happy and observing things around her. Very easy to take care. As long as she's not hungry, she's usually fine. Ohm and even if she slept a while like for 5 minutes and wakes up after that, she still will be in good mood. Amazing right? Ahh. A God given angel :)

That's all. Gotta wake up early tomorrow for a breakfast date with hun :)