06 September 2013

He Never Fails.

This is hilarious. 

I went through quarter-life-crisis last year I think. I don't exactly know if it is even. Though I'm quite confident to say that it was. I guess..

If you were to ask me WHAT IS quarter life-crisis, I will ask you to tell me how you have been feeling about life, and then I'm able to tell you whether it is or not.

Most of you probably too young to go through it now. It's like you don't know what life is any-more and feeling lost (in a very funny kind) or confused with what you really want to do with your life. Something like that.

When I was at it, it was pretty horrible. I remembered having sleepless nights. Can cry one okay those nights when I just want to rest and my body/mind won't want to sleep at all! IT'S HORRIBLE!

Worse still, when I was in Club Med alone with another colleague, I felt so alone. Though I really enjoyed the holiday there, I know that I would have enjoyed them more if someone else was with me. Anyone that is. That is when I know I do not like travelling alone. NO FUN. 

Now that I've come out of it, more certain of life and knowing and ready for all its uncertainties, I've learnt to hang onto Him who is forever the same. Yesterday, today and days to come. I've learnt that through all heartaches, failures, wrong decisions, slightly-out-of-course-moments that there are lessons to be learned. And if I don't learn those lessons, I will go through that again and again till I finally do. 

It is amazing how Jesus has been reminding me of every little things that I do, He appreciates them. He honours that. He sees it. 

With every bumps I go over and every prayer I faithfully pray, I've gained a little ounce of His strength and hope that never fades. 

Day by day, He gives. You just need to ask, constantly. 

No matter how difficult/upset/disappointed I feel, it always get replaced by assurance and joy from up above. 

He never fails.