01 September 2013

Balls of Lights.

First time on a Saturday I felt so unwell that I almost skipped youth so that I could rest and catch up on my sleep, but good thing I went. I didn't even know I was supposed to chair until reminded. Hmm.. 

Anyway I thought maybe I should blog a little before I watch an episode of Lost, since blogging relaxes me. 

I recently bought a few household items like extension cord to replace the old one in my room, LIKE FINALLY and the feeling of cleaning my room and make everything beautiful again is back so yeah. Then, after taking the shower in the dark (Kelly switched them off and she didn't hear me "shouted"for her so I just decided to why not bathe in the dark. It's quite nice actually. Hah), I saw these little balled-up-lights that Koay got for me a while ago and I was praying so hard that it still works because earlier I tried and no lights at all. So I kept trying with other multi-plug and finally it worked. Pheww. Don't mind the other messy wires. I need an organizer that organizes my wires. I NEED THEM SO BADLY. Wires like these drives me up the wall. Ughh. Hah. 

Also, I just realized how much little I see Sha Lynn on weekends. It's either she's not home or I'm not home when she is. Like today, I saw her for a good 5 minutes and that's all! And now, I'm missing her like mad. 

This photo makes my arm looks amazingly huge. Maybe it is that big since I have put on quite a lot of weight for the past one month. Diet plans can never work out, especially if you are a food blogger. 

Okay, back to this photo. Sha Lynn is now four months old and she's getting more adorable each day. Not only that, she's also starting to show all her "manja-ness", especially when her grandparents around, or how she will fake her cry, sort of la. Super cute!

One thing amazing about her is that when she's out with anyone of us, she's always very happy and observing things around her. Very easy to take care. As long as she's not hungry, she's usually fine. Ohm and even if she slept a while like for 5 minutes and wakes up after that, she still will be in good mood. Amazing right? Ahh. A God given angel :)

That's all. Gotta wake up early tomorrow for a breakfast date with hun :)