02 May 2013


My first time ever celebrating Labor day. Well, obviously because I just started "working" last year August. And I obviously must make sure I really enjoyed this mid-week-one-day-only-off-day to the max.

So, we planned out a roadtrip out of Penang and not all the way to Ipoh since that's a bit too far for 11 of us. We decided to have seafood feast at Pulau Aman and lepak at places around the area, sort of.

What made my holiday even better was the call I got from Koay on Tuesday while at work. The call that makes me smile almost instantly.

Me: Hiii! Yes babe?
Koay: Babe ah, want to go Hard Rock Hotel tonight?
Me: Hah, for what hah?
Koay: I just got a free 3D2N stay there but must stay tonight d.
Me: WHATT? Seriouslyy?
Koay: Seriouslah!
Me: Ons ka lu ahh! :)

Yeah, a friend of ours couldn't stay there so he decided to give it to Koay. We invited Jack and Carmen for some mini slumber party that night and we didn't sleep till it was like 330am! Actually, that's because we checked in very late, like around 11pm. The room is amazing. Flat screen TV, bed that fit the four of us perfectly and huge living area where the table and a couch is. Oh oh and the view from the balcony, absolutely breathtaking. It's directly on top of the main pool area (as you can see in my Instagram)

We slept for like four hours only then we went down for breakfast. Love having breakfast in hotels. It just makes you feel like you're on a real holiday somewhere far away. This actually brings back memory of my Club Med holiday. Ahhh. Okay, so after having some yogurt and croissants and nasi lemak and scramble eggs, we went for a walk by the beach. It's been a while since we dip our feet in the salted water. It was a quick and fun dip. I could use a longer one though. Hah. The sea was surprisingly very very calm that morning.

Anyways, we were awake so early as we needed to meet up with the rest to start on our roadtrip. That also we were late. Hah.

We then went to the "Peaceful Island" in three cars. Total of eleven humans. We used Waze of course. I will not comment on the food that we ate because it will all be featured HERE. It's our food blog! Please like us on our Facebook which you can find on the right side of this blog! :)

Just in case you didn't know, Google AdSense has approved us and we are now in their team! Happy because we're finally accepted and recognized (sort of). Google AdSense is known for being very strict with lots of rules that you must follow and some expectations that your blog must live up to. So, for our food blog to be able to have that, it's just another accomplishment and a reason to celebrate (I'm thinking of Japanese cuisine..)

After lunch, we were heading to Penang Bird Park. Yep, the plan was to experience this bird park thingy since Taiping Zoo is too far to go at that time. And according to Nic, the entrance fee is RM0.00! Zero! BUT WE WENT THERE AND IT'S RM18 PER HEAD! Hahaha. To cut the story short, we ended up hanging out at Sunway Carnival Mall. Koay bought two pillows since there were big sale happening. Then, we had Raja Uda Tomyam before heading back to the island by ferry.

Kena guna boat pi sana, bro. Only RM6 two ways. Batu Musang Jetty - Pulau Aman.

Missing from photos: Andrew and Justin.

This one's for you, Sharon :)

One of the things that we enjoyed being food bloggers are getting to know people and building our network. Koay is gifted in that. Everyone, please meet the man. The PR Director of WhatTwoEatHere with the man that sells the fresh seafood at Pulau Aman.

The only shot that all of is are in. Don't mind the a bit cacated part on Justin's face.

Ended the day with a surprise for the lil sister who celebrates 18th years of life today. A great surprise that was. HER FACE when she opened her room door and all the siau kias shouted! Special thanks to everyone who made it happen and my parents for making her go into their room while the rest sneaked into her bedroom.

Me: Vanessa, you go bathe first!
Koay: *walks around the house*
Vanessa: *wonders why is Koay walking around*
Me: He a bit lost. He wants to go home d. He wants to call his mom la cos his hp died. *I was just trying to make excuses why he's walking around aimlessly*
Vanessa: *opens toilet door* *checks handphone* *open room door*

 Ahh, the best Labor Day because it's the first and definitely not gonna be last. Every Labor Day shall be productive and fun like that.

The Walking Dead (asian style)
Who will die first? Who will survive?
*inside joke*