05 February 2015

Tropfest South East Asia 2015.

with my HOD.
on the 1st February 2015.

The world's LARGEST short film festival, now that's a first for me. It's their second time having it in Penang and we were invited to attend its opening at the VIP section. I can't tell if I was already excited days prior to the event or I was just looking forward to being a VIP that day.

Never been invited to be a VIP so that's why this one is like such a big deal. Heh.

One of the best thing that I can ever have is this. VIP parking. Oh goodness. When I do sales call, finding a parking space can be the one thing that really challenges my patience and to find one that is nearby is also very difficult. So, when we got that VIP space, I was smiling from ear to ear. Besttt.

We got there by 5:30pm and already there were some crowds on the field, enjoying the live band on stage. For VIPs, I think we were the first to arrive. I think VIPs should learn that punctuality applies to everyone whatever your status may be. It's basic manners don't you think so? 

So guys, when you become someone important and big shot in the future, remember your manners. Be at an event on time, seriously.

Anyways, we hung around the take photo place, took some shots and quickly get to our seats. Evening sun too hot cannot tahan. Hah.

And yes, I was like a little girl when I saw Kumar walked towards me and sat at the same row. Too shy to get a photo with him her so this will do. I won't say I'm a very big fan of Kumar but it's quite exciting to see a celeb like that. Heh.

Turns out the opening act was just for us to chill and enjoy the live band music for a while, chit-chat with the other VIPs and be served like the royalties. Their lemon lychee drink is amazing but because I too lazy to go to the toilet, I just had one. Heh.

Finger foods like satay, shrimps, brownies, cheesecake, fish cake, pie tee and their ever-delicious mushroom pastries were served to us at our seat. It was all so good. 

We sat there till 8pm and that's when the short films started to play on the big screen. We watched the first 8 films and then I decided to leave the VIP section and go meet with the crazy bunch.

Being pampered like VIPs and sit on the comfy chair is amazing but nothing beats watching those films with your friends even when I have to sit on the floor and have backache after. Nothing.

We stayed till the end of Tropfest and goofed around for a while before we went for supper. 

It was a good Sunday night. 


 Bonus photo :)