28 May 2015

Childhood Chick.

So, I have been wanting to share about so many things and sometimes that's not really an easy thing to do because it's just too many.

So since I've got the photos with me now, I thought might as well share about my growing up years. Right till when I hit the rebellious years of my life. Heh.

Turning old is gold okay. 

Keeps telling myself that. Hah.

Oh well, let's just enjoy these photos shall we.

I don't have a lot so yeah.

Down the memory lane hah.

My one year old 'party'!

Last time straight teeth what then don't know what happened!

What hairstyle also got.

Give me your best guess! :)

So crazy to see these photos and realized how time is constantly moving. Now, I'm a young adult with a career and doing things that I absolutely love, being surrounded with lots of people be it friends or strangers waiting to be friends and loving life right now.

Sure being a baby is super nice since no worries of the future and what to eat next and what to wear tomorrow et cetera, but being an adult is similarly amazing. Making memories of things that matters and things that are silly. 

Let's not forget the fun part of making own decisions on the big issues. That part. Heh. 

Feeling all gooey inside about growing up because my car is in the workshop for the seven hundredth time and this time its going to be costing a bomb. I can only smile and remember what its like being an adult. Painful to bear but it will pass. Afterall, money will still come. Its' not like I will lose my job the next day or whatsoever.

Okay, now I'm just mumbling. No idea what I'm saying already.