04 May 2015

House Tours.

This could be one of the most first-adult-thing we do together as a couple. Something that
is leading us to a future together I believe. Heh. I don't even know how to explain it. 

It's quite an exciting thing to do okay.

To buy a house!


We do want to get a house (obviously!) but we have plans. Heh.

So it was Labour Day and this means no work day on a Friday! Syiokness. No alarm clock whatsoever to disturb my precious sleep. We send the car to the Uncle Soon for a makeover and had a slow-paced lunch at Perak Road. 

Then, spontaneously we decided that we shall go hunt for showrooms around Penang since we didn't plan to do anything specific. 

It was fun actually and quite tiring to be honest. Who would ever thought that checking out houses can be so tiring. Heh.

We went to a few developers at south area and then today, we went to three more at north/town area. 

Tropicana Bay Residences by Penang Worldcity.
  • 400 sqft studio-style RM390,000.
  • 550 sqft one-bedroom RM520,000.

Skycube Residences by GSD Land. (which we both like!)
  • 1153 sqft 3-bedrooms RM733,000.
  • Completion by 2016.

  • 2980 sqft 4-bedrooms 3-floors (maybe 5, I can't remember) RM1,500,000 onwards (I think).

SP Setia. 
  • 1153 sqft 3-bedrooms RM700,000 onwards.

Andaman by E&O.
  • They have a few different layout and because it's obviously way above our budget, I didn't really bother remembering them. Heh.

Middleton by BSG Property (definitely my favorite!)
  • 1409 sqft 3-bedrooms RM1,200,000.
  • Completion in 2019.
  • I must say that Kaydence (the sales lady who hosted us) had both our attention when she showed us where the house is. We fell in love with the house even more after more details and having a look at their showrooms. AMAZING. Too bad it's so expensive.

  • 1,400/1,600 sqft 3-bedrooms RM1,200,000 onwards.
  • The cheaper ones has lousy views and it's too far north. Heh.

Eco Terraces by Eco World.
  • Around 1,000 sqft 3-bedrooms RM850 per sqft.
  • No showroom was available so we looked at photos and illustrations. The whole idea seems really nice but it's located at Paya Terubong. Not a big fan of that area to be honest. We enjoyed our 'sales talk' here because they even served us with a glass of orange juice and a squared-slice of green tea cake to celebrate Mother's Day. Well, I will be one in the future so yes please for the cake and juice :)

At first, we had a few more showrooms to see in the south area on Friday but he suddenly decided for us that we should just head home. I think I know what he was trying to do. 

I was getting a bit sad after the third showroom on Friday because reality hits and we both know it's going to be impossible for us to get a house with this kind of price although we know very clearly that our God is bigger than all this. I knew that but somehow still sad lah okay. So, I think when he saw how I was in the car, he drove to Genting Coffeeshop and we had a wrap-up talk on the showrooms tour and went home to rest. Heh.

I love you, Adrian. You're too sweet. 

I think it's very important to have like a closure-talk after every umm effort or making huge decisions. That post talk on Friday helped both of us a lot in terms of the reality and the main reason why we wanted to go for these house tours. 

To get ideas for house designs! Heh.

Then today we decided again to explore the town ones and it went well I have to say. We realized we have so many disagreements in our house preferences, house designs et cetera but it was a lot more fun to talk about it now. Not so intense anymore. Hah.

This shall be the one thing that we will not worry of because the Big Man has plans. He always have plans :)

Monday has been kind.

Okay, goodnight now.