13 May 2015

Mobile Friendly Test.

So, I was just clicking here and there and came to this page where you can check if your site is a mobile-friendly site.

You can click here to try yours and yes, you're very welcome! Maybe can click on my ads before you leave also. heh. 

I typed in WhatTwoEatHere's link and it came out:
Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

Then, I tried www.sarahkhooyw.com and guess what came out.


What a shocker okay.

After editing some settings in blogger, it's AWESOME already. Oh wells.

It has been the most hectic weeks everr. So hectic that I still haven't been able to sit down for a good two hours or so to update about my cruise trip! The photos are still in their folder, untouched.

That aside.

Today marks our together-ness for, *drumrolls*

THREE years 
THREE months 
THREE weeks 
THREE days!

No, I'm not that mad to everyday go count. I obviously have a date tracker on the side of my this blog if you haven't been noticing the side of my blogs. Boo sama lu. Heh.

Still like any normal days, we try to see each other for few minutes today before he needs to attend more seminars or go for physical/technical training or meetings or disappear for a good 10 days for his SEA GAMES in June. 

So proud of everyone in the SEA GAMES team. 


Okay bye now. Will be back soon with the cruise update!!