29 September 2015

Angkor Whattttt?

Oh myyyyyyy.

Who would ever thought that this would be the first post I'm updating as someone's fiance?

It has been the wildest craziest most exciting month and it's so sad it's coming to an end already.

So many NEW things happened to the both of us and no, I'm not talking just on the fact that WE'RE ENGAGED okay! During this trip, we realized that we did take many steps outside of our comfort zone and do things that we probably won't do twice and some many more times in the future. Heh. You gotta just keep following me to know what other crazy things we all did! Heh.

So yeah. 

This is just a very quick summarized update on what has been happening. 

I have so many things I want to blog about and yes, mainly on the engagement (LET ME BE! Hah) because it is a very huge part of my life to be at this stage right now. You may not feel the same way as me but I hope some of our joy will be transferred to you as both Adrian and I celebrate this big moment. 

One of the nights, he was talking about kids in a general sense and excuse me, that's not very normal, coming from him. Not that he doesn't like kids, it's just not him to start talking about children. I guess the future for us is going to be an exciting one! #ggdotcom

People who is engaged currently or already married will know what I mean, I hope. I still go to bed smiling since twentieth of September two zero one five. I'm excited :)

If you are still wondering (because you never follow us on Instagram or we're not friends on Facebook - SHAME ON YOU! :)), he proposed at Angkor Wat (please tell me you know where Angkor Wat is located!) at sunrise, hence our #angkorwhattttt is created. 

Also, very ngam because WHATTTTT was the first thing I said when I found out that I was going through the proposal. More on that laterrrr. There are FIVE t(s) because we want five kids. MUAHAHA! 

Okay, enough of this. 

Enjoy few more days of this awesome month okay.