05 February 2016

Pre-CNY Feel.


Yes, I am counting down. As tired (mentally) as I feel right now, I still have extra energy stored inside somewhere for party tonight yo!

I feel like this CNY will feel like this for one last time for me that is. Next year it will feel completely different I bet. Obviously for now I am loving the angpow collecting and all, but I feel giving angpows could be very fulfilling also. I don't know. For now, I need to collect as many angpows as I can. 

Also because my birthday is coming also maybe that's why I'm feeling everything in. Hmm. This year's birthday also feels really different. I remembered I didn't feel like celebrating last year because I felt so.. old? 

I don't know if that is the perfect word to use, but yeah. 

This year however, feels like I have to go all out because it's my last year of being single? Okay, not really single, but just not like legally attached with someone. You know what I mean? Like my last name is still Khoo. Oh wait, it will always be a Khoo. Heh. 

It's not like I feel after tying that knot means like everything won't be as nice but its just that feeling of going into something really new. 

It's like relocating to a new country for good. New place, new culture, new bedroom and new sleeping partner. Not that I have a sleeping partner now or whatsoever. Basically, I feel my life will change and I am looking forward to it no doubt about that. 

I guess the few months left with no preparation (G!) is giving me all the reasons to do big on any events before I sign the paper. That explains why I am feeling so broke right now. Hah. Oh well. 

Back to Chinese New Year feel. Although I hope for a fun season, so far it feels nothing like that, yet. I didn't even buy clothes till the final week and through Zalora. That was how desperate and moodless I was to get into the season. 

Now that it's just minutes away, I AM FEELING IT OF COURSE. 

So here I am wishing all of you a great Chinese New Year with people you love! Go and collect/give all the angpows in the world yo!