16 February 2016

Wedding Update 5.

Oh hello there.

Let's see when is the last time I updated anything on this.

Oh okay. Not that too long ago it seems. Pretty fine with me :) To make your life easier, nah

I just realized the the countdown bar on the side is not helping at all. It's giving me all the anxieties that I do not want to feel, not at this point of time. 

Okay okay let's not get distracted now. So many things to update for this one.


If by now we still haven't confirm this one, we should both be crying now. Our Save the Date should be going out real soon :)


We struggled for few months trying to get a good place to hold our wedding ceremony that can fit at least 100 people, but all the nice places can only fit up to 60 people. So, as painful as it was to make this decision, we have finally agreed to do it in church. 

As for the wedding dinner, we had also confirmed it by paying our first deposit on earlier this month. 


He is a very big fan of Jazzhats so of course we went on to ask for their quotation and they came back with RM6,000! SO SAD OKAY!

This is a lot of money so pending la. 


Yes, if you have read the previous post, you would know that this one is a tick in our non-existing checklist. Heh. 


Specifically, to Bali and Lombok. Bali comes top on honeymoon destinations in Google so okay okay then. Lombok ah? To be honest, it was my first time hearing the word Lombok when he suggested the second place for honeymoon. 

I was like, "Whatttt? Where is that?"

Apparently, it is becoming more famous of a destination so okay for me too! The Lombok part we have yet to confirm any hotel or activities (do we actually need outside activities? HEH!) because that's his part to handle already. 

We haven't got the air-tickets to Bali yet because I believe there will be some kind of promotion coming up soon so we will just wait on that.


I am so happy that this one is a done deal. I have been scratching my head to make a decision of whether hiring a freelance photographer or get a package from a bridal place.

Of course I went with the package deal. Ain't nobody got the time to rent dress(es) for both the photoshoot and wedding or come out with ideas on where to do all these photoshoots. I am not hyped enough to do all this research. Also, makeup artists all how. G!

I may be the laziest bride-to-be in the entire universe.

This one I will share more in details on my next Wedding Update!


His friends has got that sorted out for him and it's happening sooner than expected. No, not in March. SOONER! Keep in mind they had just planned this not too long ago. 

End of this month okay. If this doesn't freak Koay out, it is freaking me out. Everything is happening too fast. I think once he goes for this bachelor party, the getting-married-feel will kick in already! 

Oh and this is no regular bachelor party because THEY ARE GOING TO BANGKOK! So nice okay. Probably wild and all but I trust Koay that he won't do anything 'too much' for me to handle. Heh. 


This was one of our biggest concern. Believe it or not, we are both not that vain but still, we want to make sure we both look amazing that morning/night. Isn't that one of the main concern for all bride and groom-to-be? 

If you say no, you are obviously lying! Heh. 

One of the perks of taking a bridal package is that there will be wedding gowns and a few set of tuxedos included already. So, that's another win!


Another item that is going to be costly. GG. Nope, not confirmed yet. We will be looking into this soon enough.


Biggest headache of the entire event! BIGGEST. Kid you not. 

Our problem now is having too long of a guest list. Our venue cannot cater to so many people leh. Now headache is this. We are afraid of offending people if we don't invite them and I believe that this has always been a concern for all couples-to-wed.

If money isn't an issue, we would have our wedding dinner at Straits Quay Convention Hall where they can cater up to 200 tables or something. 

So people please. Spare us this part. Don't get angry with us okay. We would really love to have all of you to attend the wedding and celebrate with us but we really don't want to go into this marriage full of debt just to please everyone :)

This one obviously not done because there are still so many people adding to the list and we're just pretty overwhelmed right now, to make any of this kind of decisions. Soon to be confirmed though. 


This was one of the exciting things that we had gone through. Yes, we have the colors of our wedding already and all thanks to our very-gifted-amazing Designer. None other than Le Roy :)


Seriously, we worry not at all because we trust completely on Le Roy and his amazing works. 


This one also we no worry at all! The best person to do this for us is obviously Uncle Phillip Khoo! Nothing is impossible with this man. So, anything can go wrong on the real day, but its okay because we've got Uncle Phillip! :)

There you have it. Bits and pieces of this event. Ahhh, still so much things to decide on, but we will have fun on it because this is going to be one of the biggest event of our lives. 

Peace out yo.