22 March 2016

Heaviest Me.

This is a sad post. 

Because I am a sad person today. 

Okay, more like yesterday but today only got time to post. Heh. 

I have about six more months to my one and only wedding and guess what I found out. 



I tell you, it's absolutely ridiculous you know. 

This is by far my heaviest moment of my entire decades of life.

It's very chun-timing that I dug out a twenty cents coin from my purse near a weighing machine last night. Of course I inserted that coin into the machine, took out my flats and went on it like a boss. 

The number appeared within 2 seconds and I swallowed my saliva so many times trying hard not to believe what I just saw. 

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little lot here but I have only six months. SIX!

You will not understand it but it's too short of a time to do anything. Hah. Not really lah. Still got time but I just really never want to go through this phase. 

So, what numbers came out?

Serious very chun-timing i tell you. 

49.5 kg. 

0.5 kg from hitting 50 kg. 

You know how mad that is? 

I have never NEVER gotten so high before so this is insane. I am indeed getting too comfortable with eating and not working out. This has got to stop. 

All my life, I have always been on the 45 kg range and went down to about 40 kg when I had my surgery. Since then, the range has gone up to 47 kg-ish and that I could take lah I guess. 

Now that it's 49.5 kg, FORGET IT!

No more so much fried stuff all. As painful as I feel right now having to sacrifice all of those, I think it's going to be worth it because I DO NOT WANT TO HATE LOOKING AT MYSELF ON MY WEDDING DAY. 

Of course for sure got cheat days here and there. Heh. For now, I don't feel like I wanna have cheat days yet. Last night I had salad for dinner. Today, I had mango and avacado salad for lunch and a hard boiled egg for teatime. I feel okay so far. Hah. 

I have also officially started my workout session alone at night using an exercise app called Seven. So far so good. Of course good lah cos I just started doing it last night. Heh. 


Do you know Muthu has been hitting the gym everyday after work for weeks now? I'm going to follow his footsteps. No money to join gym nvm. Use app can already.