14 March 2016

My SkinnyMint Story.

Many weeks ago, I posted a photo on Instagram on this Teatox thing that I was going to try but I didn't. I postponed it till today. Reasons why so:

  • I wasn't feeling well at that time so it would defeat the whole purpose of me finding out whether it will work because I would be feeling so blehh. 
  • I was going to have my period in 1 or 2 days time so the bloating on my tummy was probably due to the blood still inside me, waiting to gush out (TMI boys).
  • I was tied down with a lot of work stuffs and will most likely skip a tea or two because there isn't much space left in my memory drive.
  • Most important of all, I didn't feel like I wanted to experiment anything that time.
  • No mood.
So here I am now, feeling all ready to try this SkinnyMint experiment. 

What made me go for this experiment?

I have always felt really bloated ever since I went through the abdomen surgery and I've always looked for ways to reduce them. Nothing really worked. I suspect that when the doctors took my intestines to clean them (appendix perforated and toxin infected the whole area), they did not do a good job in placing them like how God had placed them in the beginning, hence the bloating that is so annoying. 

Or maybe those are just fats and I have a good excuse because of the intestines placement. Heh. 

I don't know from where I saw the advertisement on a Black Friday that they were offering a bunch of discounts based on a wheel. All I did was click 'SPIN' and before I knew it, I got a 20% discount on any purchase. 

Clever move really. 

I went into the website and chose the poison. 

That price, less 20% = RM75.92 (no shipping fee whatsoever).

The purpose of this tea is to help me (or you) to detox, with the tea that contains all natural ingredients. No nonsense in the mini bags okay. 

The Started Pack comes with 14 mini bags of Morning Boost Tea (one every morning for 14 days) and 7 mini bags of Night Cleanse Tea (one every two days).

It's such an expensive tea so I obviously not gonna spend more than RM100 to test this out. I think RM75.92 is a good price to see if this works. 

So here goes.

B E F O R E / D U R I N G

The first two days when I started on SkinnyMint tea, I went to toilet like ten thousand times I think and it's probably not solely because of the tea. I don't usually take in a lot of liquid so I guess by doing this, my kidney feels like it needs to be processed even more or something. Hah. 

So, I am supposed to drink the Morning Boost Tea every morning during breakfast and the Night Cleanse Tea every two days. 

One thing I realized about the Morning Boost Tea is that it opens up my appetite to eat breakfast. I usually don't eat anything in the morning, but somehow the tea makes me want to take at least a light breakfast, like a sandwich or something. So, I am guessing that it's good cos people always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The Night Cleanse Tea is the bomb dei. 

Here's why.

It's not as nice to drink, maybe because of the herbs combo. Everytime when I have to drink it, I went, "Ughh!" The next day, confirm sure got output. 

The first few times, there were watery and then it slowly became more solid. The tummy aches first yes, that's how you know you need to do number 2. 

A F T E R 

It claims that it can reduce bloating, and I did realized that since I started on this tea experiment, I have been burping and farting a lot, so I guess it is doing what it says it will do. Reduce the bloating by getting rid of all the air inside. I have been struggling with air in my tummy since the surgery, so this tea actually makes me feel better.

In terms of detoxing, I don't think it's super effective. That's for me though. I know there are a lot of people who consumes a cup of coffee (minimum that is) every single day and not have any sleep-deprived effect or something, but for me, when I started taking the Morning Boost Tea everyday, I realized I have some minor trouble sleeping at night. 

I really don't know if it is related. 

Last year, I took a cup of green tea every single day and I had few days in a row of not getting any proper sleep. It was only when I stopped the green tea craze that I had good sleep again.

Also, I feel that my number 2 has been really hard and a pain (in the behinds!) to go through and I feel it's because I've been consuming too much tea. I feel only lah, no scientific evidence all. 

So, I have since stopped the tea and I felt normal again, sort of.  

And, I was really scared that I can only do number 2 whenever i have the Night Cleanse Tea. On my first week of trying it, I will only poop when I have the tea the night before. Now, I poop almost everyday without the help of Night Cleanse Tea.

It may work for others, but for me I think I will give it a pass. No more for me. So expensive some more. Heh. It was a good experiment nonetheless. 

Now I know that no amount of tea or slimming pills (not that I've tried before) can help make my body be more toned. It's all gonna be through hardwork in the gym and exercise. Such a difficult truth to swallow. 

So, here's my two-cents on SkinnyMint Tea. 

Ohh I also took like before-and-after photo but looks same to me only so I shall just not post it here. Heh.