31 March 2016

New Look Yo.

I have been wanting to 're-shape' ze hair for the longest time. Yes, if you have known me well enough (no need that well also actually), you would know that I appreciate the random need of cutting my hair, be it short like a boy or just do something weird with it. 

Okay, weird is not the right word because I would never be daring enough to dye my hair. 

Since I cannot do anything with my hair, I decided that I shall change the look of this web. 

I don't know since when but I have noticed that my color preference has changed quite a bit and as you can see it with your own eyes, it is pretty obvious what my favorite color is now. 

No, it's not white. 

I have decided to change some fonts here and there as well if you had not noticed it. Heh. 

Photo number one shows of an example of what this web is not. If really you are seeing this kind of font, please hit reload.

Photo number one

Photo number two is the correct one. If you think it's not so nice, also bo-pian already since you don't come see my web everyday also. Hah. I feel its quite nice lah, unless some kind souls want to help me re-design till super nice, that of course I don't mind. Hah.

Photo number two

Ah, I feel so satisfied now.

Weekend is here already okay bye now.