02 June 2016

Koay's Love Language #18.

We were in KL the other week and we went shopping at Atria Mall.

Him: Choose a pair that you like. I'll buy it for you.
Me: *eyesbrows raised* What do you want from me? Hah.
Him: The current shoe makes your toes painful ma, so get a new one la.
Me: Serious wan ah? I choose ah? *walks around like a queen*
Him: Nah, this one nice.
Me: This is too pink for me already dei, but others are too girly also. Hmm.
Him: This one seriously nice la, and it's Puma. Get this one.
Me: *tried it on and it looked great* Okaylah. This shall be it then.

Few weeks later back in Penang, I got a call from him during office hours.

Him: Babe, the dinner plan got cancelled so no plan tonight d okay.
Me: Okay! *in my head I was planning to go watch movie and wanted to suggest already*
Him: Okay, so tonight this is what is going to happen.
Me: Huh? Okay.. *hear and see first*
Him: After work, you go back to your house and change and then we go hiking/running at Botanical Garden, then we go Adventist Hospital to visit Adrian and Caren, then back to my house to plan our room's lighting all.
Me: Errr, okay.. G!

It looks like the 'buy sport shoes for me' thing is a trap! A trap to ask me go exercise because now I cannot say no. If I really say no, he will most likely end up not talking to me one whole day because the deal is sealed.

To be fair, he did mentioned it that time when he pay for the shoes that all he wants in return for this shoe is for both of us to exercise together, but I really thought he was joking and he will like forget about it, but nope. Not even close.

Now that I'm documenting this, it's slowly to grow on me that this is pretty sweet la. In one of our pre-marital counselling session, he did mentioned that one of his expectation and things he really enjoy doing with me is exercise time.

We used to play floorball together, okay maybe not like together-gether kind, but we would sweat together (sort of) until I decided to end my floorball chapter due to health and laziness reasons. Heh.

I guess we will be venturing more into hiking because that's for sure one thing that we both love.

Love you, Mut.

Bye now.