16 June 2016

Wedding Update 14.

Time for yet another overall update on the preparation. 

We have about 3 months to go before this big show is gonna happen so let's not go all crazy yet.


In the progress of getting it.


We have discussed this with Uncle Phillip and we sort of have the overall idea of how the place will look like, so stay tuned to find out more. Heh.


Initially, we wanted to ride on a fancy-old-vintage-rustic car but it seems so difficult to find nice ones and those that we can afford.

So, after much thinking, we decided to not rent any car because we are only going to use it once. From church to hotel, so no need to spend that money la. Better spend on honeymoon :)


I did not much for this part. Koay did 100% of it. So proud of my man. I guess through this one-room renovation, we both realized that it's really not easy to handle so many different contractors at the same time trying to fit our schedule with theirs.

But if I get to choose the one thing that angers discourages us immediately is the fact that their first response is always a negative one.

"This one cannot do like that"
"Not nice do like that"
"This one do already will be expensive ah"
"Err, you sure bo?"

Oh goodness. It is really a frustrating thing because to me, it just seems like they are lazy to make a bigger hole at the side so that the awkwardly placed air-con can go to the side and we can have a full-length curtain.

But no. They said it's not nice and it will cost a lot to do that. Cost how much exactly they cannot say. Api membara I tell you.

It will always be us telling them firmly that we want it this way then only they will do it, with extra charge of course. Downs.

A random bill that I find was so ridiculous was the bidet they bought and fixed for us. They charge us RM200 for that one bidet and a service of putting it together with the toilet bowl thing. RM200! Is the bidet made of Royal Selangor material? It's just a normal sliver looking bidet.

Boleh pengsan ni.

No, I will not recommend this contractor of ours to anyone.

Summary is handling a house renovation is a lot more stressful than planning a wedding. You have no idea how many arguments this have caused between us. We're just thankful that this chapter is soon to be ending and probably few more weeks and we can finally move our furniture in.

The only thing left to do is the floor installation.

Exciting times ahead for sure :)


Yes, this one is a tick!

We are using MomentoWedding for our wedding ceremony and wedding dinner. This one I will share more on a separate post okay.


None other than Pinang Films :)


Our amazing designer-friend is currently working on it, and we believe that by end of June, you guys will be receiving the amazing piece of art already!

We are so excited because handing our wedding invitations is like the 'Get set, ready and go' button for us. This will be the time when both of us will really meet reality. Heh.

Please RSVP us soonest okay because the real headache would be organizing the tables and who sit with who. All you single friends out there, get ready to sit with people you don't know (yet). We are going to make this wedding a partly match-making dinner. Hah.

I don't know if I am serious.


We will be picking our wedding gowns and tuxedos by this month. Koay will not know what I will be wearing for the wedding ceremony because we want him to have the first look at his beautiful bride *beh-paiseh*

I would like to see him in tears and in awe when he sees me walking down the aisle with the father. That would be my dream expectation. I doubt that will happen. I bet he would like to see me step on my own gown and fall on my face, so that he can laugh at me his entire life.

That would be epic but no. No to that. Koay, don't be mean. Hah.

My gowns will be from My Dream Wedding, despite of what happened, I would like to still have good vibes for this vendor. Only happy thoughts okay.

I think that's about it for the time-being. More to come soon.

Bye now.