04 June 2016

Wedding Update 13: Sixteen Ways to Have a Great Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

I've decided to list down the things that you can do/bring to make your pre-wedding photo-shoot a smooth and fun one. I want you all to be ready with all the things that you may never think you need. I didn't have a lot of advise on this before because my sister could not remember (since hers was hundreds of moons ago) so I hope this is helpful for you girls and boys. 

Get your makeup artist phone number.

I will explain why you need to do this. 

I knew that My Dream Wedding is not providing any ampules for both female and male as part of the package, so I went to Alan (in Gurney Paragon, LG floor) and bought a box of Mandarin Ampules RM38 and there are 10 small bottles in it. 

I brought the ampules to My Dream Wedding and Sharon (my wonderful makeup artist) told me that Mandarin Ampules (believed to suit all kind of skin type) is not suitable for photo-shoot makeup. She would rather not use it at all. However, since I will be doing whole day photo-shoot 3 out of 4 locations outdoor, it was highly recommended that I put on the ampules so that the makeup stays. 

With that said, she sold to us 4 bottles of ampules for the price of RM140. It's insanely high marked-up because I got mine for less than RM50 for 10 bottles, and as far as I know, all other ampules do not cost till RM140 for 4 bottles. 

So, if you would like to avoid paying this RM140, call them (your makeup artist) days before the photo-shoot day and ask for the type of ampules they use, if not they sure give you reasons why yours cannot. I like Sharon (a lot), but that RM140 is too precious for couple-to-wed okay. 

Go for a manicure session few days before the photo-shoot.

I did mine days 3 days before and I only did manicure since it's highly likely that my toes will never be seen in the photos. Hah. 

So, to save money, do only manicure and don't do the normal kind. Go for the gel type so it can last longer and if you are not a 'soft' kind of girl, gel is the way to go. Manicure is important for both bride and groom to-be because certain shots are close-ups and you do not want to see horrible un-kept nails in the photos, right? 

If you are that kind not sure what color to put, then just go with French Manicure. Serious. 

Know what kind of heels/shoes you want to wear.

I brought like 6 pairs of different heels, only to realize that I actually only used 1 black, 1 white, 1 sport shoe and a pair of slippers.

For ladies, you actually don't need so many different color because your dress will cover your leg 85% of the photo-shoot, of course unless you want the photographer to capture your feet as well. Again, it's depending on what kind of photo-shoot you want.

If you're like me, cannot decide what heels to wear and must ask photographer, then bring all you've got. Hah.

For guys, please just bring all the shoes if I may, because obviously your shoes will be seen 100% of the time, unless you want to hide your feet behind the dress, which happened to Koay.

He realized that his sport shoes didn't really match with his clothes, so he stood behind me during that specific location and block his feet. Heh.

Make sure the groom trims his hair a week before and nose hair a day before.

Okay, maybe I should not use the word 'make sure', but 'encourage'. Hah. In all seriousness though, remind the huz-to-be to cut his hair a week prior because if he does it few days before, it may not look as how he wants it. I don't think girls would wantto cut their hair before the photo-shoot, but even if you do, do it at least a week before.

For his nose hair, seriously remind him constantly. I had my share of sending reminders, but it somehow didn't work because well, he is a busy man with all the stocks to see and monitor and all the clients to entertain. Kidding. Heh. 

He forgot about it and on that photo-shoot morning, I asked casually and his eyes opened. 

I was like, "Do whatever you need to do! Just pull it! Cry also cry don't care already or just push all of them in and don't breathe out hard!"

Fun times.

If you need to do facial or hair treatment, go one week prior.

This is to avoid any unpredictable things to happen okay. You never know that your skin may decide to go all crazy on you even though you have gone through the same treatment a thousand times, so please do all these treatments a week before. 

Know what kind of hairstyle you would want to match for each outfit.

Girls, listen to me okay. No one warned me on this so I had no idea and I had to pay for the consequences. Heh. So serious pulak. 

The makeup artist asked me if I had any hair style preferences and I honestly was okay with any kind, till she started making and I was like, "Hmm.."

Turns out, I didn't really like the hairstyles that I had on me that day, but I did not do any homework prior to that so it's okay lah. Beautiful face what hairstyle also beautiful right? :)

So, please do a lot of Pinterest-searching and Googling for hair styles that you like and save these images on your phone. Remember that you are the client and client is always right. Heh.

Please wear the nude bra from home.

This one can save time and save you from feeling embarrassed because the makeup artist will be in the changing room with you to help you put on everything including the dress. 

Do know that it feels as though you are not wearing anything but it is completely normal.

Eat heavy breakfast before heading to the studio.

For boys not so bad because they will not be putting on lipstick. So they can eat whenever they want. For ladies, not so much okay. I opted to eat sushi because I can just put everything inside my mouth and chew. There is no time to eat okay so make sure you makan dulu. 

Even if you're not a morning person (like me) and you find it super hard to eat so early, you just got to suck it up and eat. If not later sure suffer. 

Our photographers gave us 30 minutes for lunch so that was pretty okay. 

Bring facial towels/tissue for the whole day use.

We did not bring any because we forgot. Heh. 

We didn't have to also because our assistant, Boy brought all the things that we need and constantly wiping our sweat on our faces during the photo-shoot. Boy definitely helped to "carry" Vanessa's responsibility. 

You may not have an additional assistant on your photo-shoot day so do remember because tissue is really needed eh. We got an assistant because of what happened with My Dream Wedding KL, so that feels pretty amazing. 

Cut down on your carbs a week before photo-shoot.

This apparently is highly recommended when you read in Google search all.

Pump up your protein intake such as meat (preferably white meat) and eggs and stuff. Food items like rice and bread and koay-teow basah has got  to go. Just tahan for the one-week.

You want to look camera-ready for the photo-shoot yes?

Easier said than done. I tried doing a week before, but I crave for rice so much (after depriving from it for few days), I went to eat rice for dinner the night before.

So my advice is eat in moderation for carbs but lesser than you normally would, unless of course you really are a hardcore-disciplined kind of person, then do it! I believe you can do it!

Don't be strangers with the team.

This is a golden rule.

Koay is a big believer of that. Ask questions that are not only photo-shoot related. Ask personal questions like you sincerely want to know about them.

That way you will feel less awkward spending the entire day with them and taking photos. One of the things that I really love about our team is that Marcus, the chief photographer always make funny 'jokes' and hokkien sentences that are way too hilarious.

A very effective way to get us laugh naturally and capture that moment. Not just us okay. He and Boy also always burst out laughing when Adrian does something silly. So, it's all good.

We made new friends that day :)

Bring your own makeup sponge.

This one is for those who really want to save money okay. For me, I had wished someone would have told me all this, so I no need to spend a single cent that day. 

I'm not stingy okay. We paid RM4,988 for this entire experience and I really expect not to pay anything anymore because that is not a small amount okay. 

They charge me RM12 for a makeup sponge that I get to bring home afterwards. I went to Daiso and they sell 5 makeup sponges for RM5 only. 

Oh goodness me. 

Yes, if I can save on this, I will feel happy also. Maybe you feel it's just RM12, what's so big deal about it right. 

Try to have a room/house renovation and a wedding for 450 people to happen all at the same season. Yeah. Heh. 

Please do not apply any hair/make-up products on the day from home.

It is really difficult for the makeup artist to style your hair if you have already styled them with your wax/gel. Leave it to the pro okay. 

For men, if you are the kind that knows exactly what kind of hairstyle you want, then go ahead and do it.

For women, a big no-no. Don't even apply any hair cream if you can. If you insist, then bring the cream/serum to the studio and let the makeup artist know first. You wouldn't want your hair to look super oily and wet for the photo-shoot, right? There's only so much that photoshop can do. I'm no expert but I'm guessing that removing the "oily-feel" from the hair is cannot-do. Heh.

Same goes for make-ups okay. Boys, you will wear some foundation-like cream on your face and your eyebrows will lightly be touched up because you just have to. Heh.

Girls, no need to say also understood. You will spend more time on that chair for your face and hair.

Pack some snacks.

You will get hungry after few hours even after having a heavy breakfast. Taking photos is hard-work and hard-work means you use your energy more than the normal days, and once your energy is used up, you will need food to make more energy. That or more sleep, and since sleep is not possible, forget sleep.

Wait, sleep is quite possible if you are not driving. For bride-to-be however, you will not be able to sleep even in the car because you don't want to mess the hairdo. Yep, no resting your head on the head-rest too. Hardwork, remember? Heh.

Be comfortable underneath.

Umm, this should be a common-sense yeah.

You will spend whole day outside, under the sun or not, standing and walking and doing lots of posing (depending on your creativity), so you should be in your most comfortable undies. This applies for both boys and girls okay. You wouldn't want to be always 'adjusting' it the whole time. You all know what I mean. Heh.

For girls, you can get like a corset kind if you feel comfortable in it but if not, just put on your favorite. For boys, same goes to you all okay.

I believe that humans' confidence is partly affected by the undergarments that we wear, hence all the nice-looking and good materials in the market that can cost so much it's crazy. So, put on the best and most comfortable then for sure, you will also feel good about yourself and the rest of the day will be great.

Avoid drinking too much water a day before.

Yes, this one I think will help. 

It is highly recommended that you avoid drinking any liquid after 8pm the night before the your photo-shoot, to avoid eye puffiness and looking camera-ready.

Caution: Dehydrating your body is quite a bad-thing, so if you experience any dizziness and discomfort, quickly go drink all the water you can find okay. 

Remember to bring your slippers.

This could save your life feet! I kid you not.

For ladies only. You don't want to be wearing your heels the entire time, trust me you just don't! Even if you are very comfortable with all your heels and you are a heels-pro-wearer, you need the slippers! You hear me? YOU NEED THEM FLAT SLIPPERS!

I thought that I had forgotten to bring my slippers out to the location, so I wore the heels the entire time outside. My feet died. I was in so much pain that it actually affected my mood for the rest of the photo-shooting. So, please do yourself a favor and bring your slippers everywhere you go.

Life is tough yeah. Bring your slippers. Hah.

Bring umbrellas.

Don't say, "Oh, it's okay we like the sun that's why we are so dark!" because it's not true when you are in a wedding dress and a tuxedo and you have makeup on your face.

The last thing you want is sweat on the face and worse if your makeup starts to melt then you really g.

Koay has sensitive skin so every time he starts to sweat, he gets itchy and uncomfortable. So, what he normally does is to make sure no sweat on his face or neck. He has this habit of wiping his face with his sleeves so when he did that, his white shirt turned brown on his right hand sleeve and part of his face has no more foundation and can probably see uneven skin tone. Heh. Photoshop is needed for his face then.

So, umbrella will really be helpful especially when you have outdoors shooting. You're very welcome :)

Lastly, remember who you are creating this memory with. 

I was constantly reminding myself on that. It was a long tiring day and I was so demotivated at the end of the day because my feet died and I was so drained.

I almost did not have fun starting from the 3rd location onwards but I looked at Koay, and realized that I'm not doing all this alone. I am creating a memory that only both of us know how it feels like because well, we are doing it with each other.

He made it funny and spontaneous with all his crazy weird ideas. For someone who feels shy and awkward to be standing in front of other people taking photos, he did superb. He suggested most of the embarrassing things that we did and boy, was I thankful that it was him that I'm doing this with.

Challenging chapter this one is but so what?

I have my partner-in-crime with me, so we'll be okay. We'll be more than okay.

Bye now.