13 January 2017

Honeymoon: 8D7N at Bali and Lombok, Indonesia - Part Two.

-------Continuing from the Part One-------

Lovina Beach-Bali

Rise and shine! We woke up at 530am and headed out to the beach, with no breakfast. This is apparently the normal routine if you take dolphin tour. You only eat after because those dolphins are not going to wait for you to have your breakfast first. Heh. 

We slept very early the night before hence the not-sleepy-face at 6am.

We figured that we need a good longer sleep before dolphins watching because it's such an exciting thing to do and experience. I don't know why I'm uber excited about them dolphins.

There were other boats from other local vendors as well and we all took off at the same time. One thing I like is that we didn't have to wait long before we could board the boat. Maybe because low season or something but it felt super efficient.

The journey took about 15-20 minutes before we heard people shouting in excitement and then we saw shadows of these little mammals.

Then, they were everywhere!

They are usually in groups but if you see carefully, you will be able to see in the water that there are some loners out there. Heh.

I don't remember getting distracted at all to take photos because I kept asking Koay to take them. I could not remove my eyes from the water surface because it's quite difficult to tell when they will jump out of the waters.

Ahhh, I love this excursion to bits. Best RM100 ever spent!

Our boatman asked Koay if he would be daring enough to jump into the waters and "swim" with the dolphins. That and have HD view of them in the water. Koay immediately said yes.

But he didn't because we didn't have any goggles and the boatman also elek. He some more searched the entire boat to see if he left any inside.

Without goggles, you won't be able to open your eyes because it's way too salty apparently.

Is it even safe to be in the water with wild dolphins? I didn't even dare to put my legs down into the waters when they came so close to me.

The water is super clean and blue and has the jaws-feel. Heh.

One of the highlights of this honeymoon has got to be this. 



You don't have to drive up and stay a night like us, you can always take the tour package that does 1-day trip but I think it's pretty pricey. 

You may want to ask the locals if it's the right season because I wouldn't want you to go for it and see nothing or very few dolphins and then say I lie to you all. Hah. 

You will like this one!

We spent about 1 and half hours and then we got back to the hotel and had breakfast. There isn't like a fixed time for you to be at the sea so our boatman told us to decide. So, when he felt that we already had enough of this dolpin experience, we went back. We wouldn't want sea-sickness to hit me and affect the entire day. 

After our not-buffet breakfast, we went swimming! He went swimming I mean. I was too lazy to get all wet so I lazed and Snapchat.

We didn't spend too much time in Hotel Suma because we needed to go back to Bali, to our villa, to my bathtub.

Along the way, we made some stops because we're tourist and we're supposed to stop and take as many tourist-y shots as we can.

Not to forget stopping by the roads to enjoy random local foods. Another one of our favorite thing to do!

We went straight to Tanah Lot (another must-see for tourist) because it's apparently very beautiful and majestic especially during sunset time.

No time for sunset all so afternoon time will do.


IDR 65,000 for 2 persons (about RM22)

There isn't much to do at Tanah Lot except to take selfies, proper full-length photos, take more selfies, and get some sun-tanning going on. It is a lot better than Uluwatu Temple if you ask me.

If you have a choice, don't go to Uluwatu Temple. Seriously there is nothing there.

Tanah Lot is far a better choice.

On our way back to our villa, we decided to stop by Wahaha Restaurant to tapau their famous must try pork ribs. Tea time is good for honeymoon. Heh.

Of course, we had to feast while being in the pool and with CSI Miami showing on TV.

This was the only time that I didn't mind getting all my fingers dirty because they were fingers licking good! Must-try! Koay claimed that Wahaha's pork ribs are better than the original Naughty Nuri's that we had in Ubud.

I honetly don't know which one was better.

I think I may choose Wahaha because our eating environment was better what so it's a bit unfair. Hah.

Both tasted great.

We rested a bit and dressed up for our romantic dinner at Potato Head Beach Club. It was highly recommended despite the very expensive spread of food.

To be honest, the view was umm interesting. All we do the entire time is look at tourists in their bikinis swimming and hanging out by the pool on the very limited beach-beds.

The food.

Pffft. The food was overpriced and tasted so normal. At one point, he was like, "Biku is so much better please!"

We spent a total of IDR 710,000 for 2 persons here (about RM236)

The view during sunset and at night was pretty, that is for sure win liao.

Then again, we felt that this place is pretty overrated.

Can come here again to hang out with friends I guess and pay extra just because. Heh.

After the very expensive meal, I was super tired already but he wanted to go to a local pasar malam so we googled and found one.

We thought we found one.

We drove out and went to a pasar malam that looked like it's only meant for the locals there. It was small, no tourists seen and it was 80% closed. We walked back to the car and drove back to villa.

I was secretly happy because all I wanted to do that night was soak in the bath-tub. He was sad la of course because he wanted to do shopping real bad. Heh.

After being stuck in jam for a good hour, we decided we deserve massage. I was too lazy to do a full body so foot massage will do for me. I guess he got lazy too. Heh.

It was surprisingly one of the best foot massage for me. No geli or pain, syiok la macam tu.

Part three (the last part I promise) will come soon because I have too many outdated posts that is supposed to go live sooooon.


Can I please be a full-time blogger?

I just need a monthly salary from somebody HAHA.

Okay bye now.