08 March 2017

4D3N Hanoi Gortage Hotel & Travel at Hanoi, Vietnam.

You know what frustrates me most after a travel?


Really GG.

Anyways, for those who didn't know, Adrian and I went for our second honeymoon last month to Hanoi and this is the part where I'm sharing with the world on the hotel that we stayed at before I post on the overall trip.

There were a lot of hotel options at the Old Quarters (near the Hoan Kiem Lake) and they were all pretty reasonably priced.

I spent about a week looking into a few and then discussed with him at night and then searched again because none were like so satisfactory to us. Hah.

We finally found this one - Hanoi Gortage Hotel but their standard rooms do not come with balcony. I was okay with no balcony and would settle for windows. However, the man decides that we should have a balcony because it's more romantic like that.

So, with balcony it shall be then.

He browsed through and said, "Let's take the Junior Suite Balcony!"


I emailed Expedia and got special discounts and ended up paying RM410 for our 3 nights there!

We checked in on the 7 Feb and checked out on the 8 Feb (1 night). We spent a night at Halong Bay (another post) and then checked in at Hanoi Gortage Hotel & Travel on the 9 Feb and checked out on the 11 Feb (2 nights).

Thankful for the special discounts that we got from Expedia!

The Junior Suite that they gave us came with a balcony alright. However, the room also came with 2 King size bed so nope, no romantic feeling whatsoever. We somehow like small rooms because we get to be closer with each other. Heh.

The room is perfect for you if you are planning to travel with a group of friends and you all want to stay in the same room.

Hanoi Gortage Hotel & Travel is also located at a more secluded street where you will not be able to to hear so much of those honking so it's quieter. It's not that far if you ask me because everywhere is walking distance in the Old Quarters.

I would definitely stay here again next time, however because there are so many hotels there, I would most likely try out another one. Heh.

I will be posting on our 2D1N at Halong Bay soooooon.

I'm still mourning over the loss of all my money-data-in-my-iPhone on this trip. It's so horrible!

Till then, bye now.