13 March 2017

My 2017's Birthday Wishlist.

This year is my last year of celebrating being in the twenties (boohoo). Now, you know my real age, fine.

I decided that since next year I will "welcome" the number 3, it's my birthday everyday for the rest of 2017. Heh. So, means I can still have my wishlist and wish that at least one of them will come true. Hah. Nothing is impossible.

And guess what?

Because of ShopBack, I realized that it's more realistic and hopeful now to dream of owning all these items. I mean to owning it. Not dream.

Discounts on top of discounts ah. Please. I don't know why you should not go via ShopBack. MORE DISCOUNTS WHY YOU ALL DON'T WANT!

I have blogged about what ShopBack is and how you can also benefit from it here, and no, you don't have to like pay a membership fee to enjoy the extra discounts. All you need to do is register and set up an account. Then, everytime you want to do online shopping, go to ShopBack first and from there, click on your favorite online shopping brands! 

It is that easy to get your extra discounts! 

Okay, wait. Before I begin on the top 5 items that made it to my wishlist, let me just say this to my husband.

"This is not a "hint" that I'm indirectly dropping for you okay? It's part of the contest that I'm taking, hoping that I will get selected and then win one of the wishlist below. If I want you to buy something from me, don't worry, I will tell you straight. Hah. Love you. Okay bye."

Here goes.

1. iPhone 6/6s/7

This is a no-brainer for those who follow me on Insta-story or Snapchat. Not too long ago, my iPhone 5s dropped and went crazy. I managed to get it fixed but according to the pro, this phone can only last this long. This long means it will go crazy anytime again. And if that happens, no need to send for fixing already. Can straight bury it 6-feet under. Heh.

So yes, I definitely need a new iPhone and I don't mind settling for a 6 or 6s because money is difficult to be earned. 

On top of the discounts that is given by Lazada, I can get extra 1.5% off when I click through ShopBack.

Oh yes please to more money-savings. 

2. Winter Coat

You know that feeling that you have or that thing you tell yourself that when you grow up, you want to own a certain kind of things. 

When I was growing up, I have always wanted to own at least a luggage bag, the kind that you push around and not the carry type. Thanks to Groupon, I managed to own a set of 3 pieces for less than RM300. 

Yeah, it's not of great qualities kind of luggages but I did own it at the end. 

Then, there's this. 

A winter coat. Not any kind but this kind. 

Coldwear - Wool Blend Double Breasted Cocoon Coat (Black)

Thanks to ShopBack, my dream can actually come true or at least it won't be such an impossible dream anymore. 

I saw this on Zalora's website and they are selling it at RM 747! 

BUT GUESS WHAT! I just had to go to Zalora's website via ShopBack, and I can get 3% cashback. That's the kind of extra discounts I like pleaseeee. 

That's savings of RM22.41 (can show this to Koay and tell him that ShopBack is really a no-brainer!) I don't understand why people won't go through ShopBack when it's so easy and you get more discounts. 

Anyways, this is part of the wishlist because I am going to OZ Land in two months' time and I would love to have this before I go! 

3. Refrigerator

Ever since we got married, our house became a party/gathering house and with so many mouths to feed on a weekly basis, I would love to get a new fridge that is slightly bigger and higher so that we can store more drinks and food and mini ice-creams. 

The struggle is really real I tell you. 

I would say that if its just the three of us (husband, myself and mom in law), the current fridge is sufficient but I think that mom-in-law would love to have a bigger fridge because she loves to cook and she cooks amazing food! And we love having humans over for dinner, movie-nights and just for hanging out sessions. 

Quite unbelievable that this made it to the top 5 in my 2017's wishlist seriously. 

I found a few that I think would fit in our kitchen and guess what? 

That's right. With ShopBack, more discounts! For my case, 1.5% because I'm an existing customer of Lazada already! 


4. Hotel stay

So, we were discussing on some of the destinations (locally) that we can cuti-cuti Malaysia to in December with the Koays and Malacca was one of the idea. 

Mom in law had only been there once and I have been many many times and loved that city to the core. It's like my second home. 

No decisions were made but I would think that most likely it would be Malacca because husband is also quite keen on it. 

Satay celup and chicken rice ball, come on! Never say no to that okay. 

Holiday means must stay at a place that is super comfy and super affordable also. Heh. 

With ShopBack of course (there she goes again), I get extra 6% off the total bill (per night stay). OH YES PLEASE.

I've got my eyes on The Pines Melaka (just saying!). Heh. 

5. Heels from Christy Ng

This one is a typical girl's dream of having a pair of branded heels. I'm not the girliest-girl but I still have my fair share of going goo-goo-gaa-gaa on heels too. 

One thing I really like about Christy Ng is that you can design your own shoes (heels or flats or any kind) and have them done for you at a price. 

Of course, with ShopBack, you get 8% discounts, which I feel is quite a big discount. 

I tried designing my own and that already costs me RM480. With ShopBack, I save RM38.40! Winnnn!

No, this is not the shoe I designed. I cannot save the image so I went and googled a navy blue heels. Heh. 

So yeah, that's my take on the top 5 items that made it to my wishlist this year. It will be nice to have all these before I turn three-zero. Hah. 

Before I sign off, here's some information that I want you guys to know:
  • Different brands have different level of cashback and some differs according to the type of products you choose. 
  • Of course you will enjoy a higher cashback when you are a new customer.
  • Sign up by clicking on this link, and you will automatically get RM10 in your account. 
  • I am a big fan of ShopBack because it makes me feel less guilty when I online shop whole day. 
  • Koay is the biggest fan because he online shops more than me and I am guessing that his ShopBack account is showing a lot more $$$ than me. 
  • This post is blogged because I am participating in a contest organized by ShopBack in conjunction of their 2nd Birthday on the 22nd February!
  • If I win, I get to choose 1 item from the list (capped at RM800) from ShopBack! 
  • Please help me if you love me. Heh.
  • You can share my post or just start using ShopBack via my link, I guess.
  • Even if you don't, it's okay because I really like ShopBack and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do. 
  • No regrets :)

Till then, bye now.