21 March 2017

Goodbye and Hello.

I didn't think that this year would be another year of life-changing for me. 

I didn't think that I would go through the giant-butterflies-in-my-tummy this year. 

I didn't think I would be daring enough to take this step this year. 

I obviously never thought it would come to this. 

But I did. 

No, I'm not pregnant, if that's what you are thinking right now :)

I resigned. 

Yes, that is right. 

I tendered my resignation on the twenty-seventh of February.

And here's a story I want to share. 

On Sunday night, I was feeling very anxious and disturbed because I knew I needed to do it with my boss on Monday. So, I was just so in-and-out on my own emotions. If I can have it my way, I would have done it via email, but of course not. 

I needed to speak with her face to face because it's professional like that and I respect her so much as a boss and as a person. 

When I went to work in the morning, I was even more nervous because it's just so difficult to tell someone that you quit. 

It's like going through break-up again and I wouldn't recommend that anyone go through it. So kids, think carefully before you start dating everyone you see and like. Anyways, I reckoned that it was harder than breaking up. 

I was afraid that my resignation would upset her and that was the last thing I want to do, but that's for sure to happen. I was also pretty sure that the reason that I was going to tell her (the real reasons I shall kept in my heart forever) would make her even more not understanding and I was right. Heh. 

Just before I walked to her room, I decided to check the 'verse of the day' on my Bible app, and this image came out. 

Mind blown please thank you.

I read it for more than 10 times before I gathered all the courage I have and walked in. Hah.

And so I did it.

I resigned.

I will be working for FGA Centre May 2017 onwards.

I am super excited to go full-time with FGA Centre.

New year, new chapterrrrr.

Till then, bye now.