26 April 2017

Bring It Back.

I was looking back on some of the old posts on cooking and realized that we haven't been on that "let's try to cook something mood" for quite sometime now. Either we got too busy or we got too lazy. Hah.

By the time we reach home, all we want to do is to lie down on the bed and not get up anymore until the next morning, or if we're really hungry, we will just cook instant noodles (INDOMIE FTW) and swallow them down then go sleep.

Many people also asked us about our food-blog. Err. I really want to think that it's not dead but I am just too lazy and impatient (most of the time) to snap photos first before get to eat because we're hungry people like that.

Seriously ain't nobody got the time to take photos all.

But I actually still want to continue with this food-blog thing.

Maybe one day it will be revived? Maybe one day we will wake up and realize that we should bring it back to life. I remembered it being quite fun la. Get to eat free food all. Bestt.

One day la hah.

For Adrian's birthday last year, I made for him a banana cake (because we got a lot of leftover bananas that's gonna go bad if we don't do something about it hah) and took photos of the recipe and process.

I obviously wanted to blog about it but I have no idea where the photos are now. I shall go find when I have extra time to spend. Heh.

The banana cake turned out very tasty but very hard. Hah. Too much flour I supposed. Nevermind la. I try again next time when got extra bananas to use.

Maybe we should start thinking of the next dish that we could cook and maybe finally master at 1 dish that we can proudly bring to a pot-bless party. Hah.

Okay, now I'm going to re-read all WhatTwoEatHere's posts so that I can be like "driven" to start again this eat-and-blog thingy.
Till next time, bye now.