16 April 2017

Pregnancy Update 2: 4 Types of Pregnancy Test Kits.

Many people came up to me and said this.

"You tried until 4 times before you went to the hospital?Most people tried once only can already. Siau ah you!"

Of course not each one of them said like this. I am just summarizing, combining and 'averaging' the comments. Heh.

I  had to try a few more times with these kits because it's a lot cheaper than going to the hospital and to come out with negative results, that's just a waste of money. Heh. Most people also say that if got 2 lines on the kit (no matter what brand), it's highly likely that you are pregnant.

First time being pregnant so we had to be sure before we go to the doctor to confirm it.

Here, you can find out how we found out about the existence of little dot.

I purposely g0t all the different test kits to try them out and see which one is accurate and accurate-r. Hah. Also, because of the influence of Youtube videos actually. Most of these pregnancy kits are from Watsons and Guardians. I went to more than 5 pharmacies and they only have 1 type, which is the Disclosure one I think. So, my advice would be straight go to Watsons or Guardians for choices.

So here goes.

1. DIP 'N' TELL - RM15.80

This kit comes with 2 tests, and it shouts very loudly that it's for those with irregular period like myself. So, obviously I had to get a box of this. The more, the better. Heh.

As you can tell from the name of the kit, you have to collect your pee with that blue cup and then dip the stick that has the arrow that indicates max. You can leave it standing onto the middle holder part of the cup and just wait.


This is different than Dip & Tell because this one no need to dip anything. The one similar thing is that I still have to collect my pee in a cup and then dispense 4 drops onto the round hole thing on the right, with a squeezable plastic funnel.

When I first got it, I was thinking so hard on how to transfer these drops to the hole because I didn't have anything at home that I could use to accurately dispense 4 drops. Definitely cannot use a straw, ewww please.

So, I opened up the package and was so glad to find the squeezable plastic funnel inside. So convenient.


This one same with Disclosure and comes with a squeezable plastic funnel. I was very careful with all their instructions because I need to make sure that the results are going to be accurate. Ain't nobody got time to keep trying. Heh.


I tried all the cheap ones but still I wanted to try a Clearblue's product because rumors have it that they are really very accurate and expensive, hence the accuracy. No idea if that is true though.

This is an example of media-influence. Remember in my first update on how we found out on the pregnancy, I watched a lot of videos on Youtube?

I saw a few videos on this Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test and I immediately thought to myself that I had to get this test to ultimate-confirm it!

Here's a reason.

IT SHOWS (roughly) HOW MANY WEEKS YOU'VE BEEN PREGNANT (if you are really pregnant)!

Of course I have to get this test kit. NO DOUBT.

No need to go pharmacies to find because we went to 4 pharmacies and all none. Most pharmacies only sell Disclosure type of test kits.

So, if you want more choice of pregnancy test kits, go to Watsons or Guardians.

I got this one at Guardians. Price is about the same with Watsons.

So, this is something very different from a normal stick test that we tried.

This test will not show lines, but it will show in words and numbers on the digital screen.

The one thing same is that my pee still have to be collected in a cup, which I actually very geli with. Hah.  Then, remove the blue cap and dip the stick into the pee for like 30 seconds I think. Better double check with the instructions. I counted precisely. If you want to be more chun, then you can use a timer. Heh.

After that, a sand-glass image will come out and that means wait. After a while, you will either be pregnant or not pregnant.

So, there it is. The numbers shown is in weeks so that means when we found out the existence of little dot, it's about 2-3 weeks into pregnancy, however in the instructions paper, 2-3 weeks actually means 4-5 weeks pregnancy.

All four pregnancy test kits show positive results, hence confirm we pregnant. Hah.

Next step is of course to get it confirmed by a gynae, which is for the next post :)

Have a great week ahead you all.

Till then, bye now.