26 February 2018

Koay's Love Language #35 - #37

We went to Kapitan for lunch and ordered their famous must-eat-tandoori chicken and claypot chicken briyani. This man obviously used his hands to enjoy his tandoori chicken and washed it off afterwards.

Me: Oh mannn. Look at your fingers! So orange leh. All that coloring. G! Maybe our son becomes bit orange-y today.
Him: *smiles widely* Sure kena jaundice d like that.
Me: *secretly thinking inside my head that he doesn't really know what causes jaundice & secretly judging him* HAHAHA.

He was saying our every-night-before-sleep-prayer.

Him: Lord, we want to thank you for this baby that's inside Sarah's stomach..
Me: *opens my eyes widely with eyebrows raised*
Him: *continues praying with eyes closed* God, we ask that You would protect and give great health to our baby boy inside this stomach.. *continues to pray for other people*
Me: *opens eyes widely again*
Him: In Jesus name we pray, amen.

After the prayer ended..

Me: You know that the baby is not inside my stomach, right? *judging eyes*
Him: I know la. It's in the womb okay.
Me: Oh phew. I thought you didn't know. PFS student ma, you never know HAHAHA.

Him: From now onwards, you cannot take any red meat already ya. Only eat chicken and fish everyday.
Me: GG like that.