20 February 2018

Pregnancy Update: Week 24.

Finally hitting the final month of second trimester.

It is slowly creeping into the both of us that in about 3-months' time, we are going to be legit parents with a real physical baby in our care.

Whatever it is that we do in these three short months, we are making sure that we do it together (when we can) especially doing short date-nights here and there. Even if it means doing the littlest thing like sweeping the floor and him managing the 'store-room'. Our kind of in-house date nights. Hah.

It is highly likely because of the lack of baby items in our house that we have not felt the adrenaline rush yet. We haven't even move the baby cupboard into our room.

We've decided that we're going to hands-on everything after his Bali trip with the boys and our Malacca trip with the gang. Then, we gonna start doing baby-things.

I really don't know what to feel at this point.


This season's cravings are dangerous!

It's all the sweet things that I never even liked (so much) when I was not pregnant!

There was a week whereby I needed to have at least one ice-cream a day, and then I saw the weight increase and I told myself, nope. Control please.

So, now I only have ice cream once every few days, but on days I don't get to eat my ice cream, I opted for cakes instead. Or chocolates. OR ANYTHING SWEET.

I still do crave for Indian curry but it's not that bad anymore.

As for meal portions, I try not to add the amount of rice that I usually take, but there was this one time when the man gave me like a normal portion of rice that guys would usually have when they eat nasi kandar, and my normal self would immediately say to the man, "Boss, separuh cukup!".


I was like taking it and I surprised myself by finishing the entire plate and didn't even feel like super full. I was feeling okay.

My appetite is definitely growing as tiny human grows so I guess that is normal.

I have gained about 8kg so far and I try not to let it go over 10kg - that's one of life goals now. Heh.


I am a light-sleeper. I repeat, I am a very light-sleeper, so any kind of sound or movement will wake me up. Adrian is also a light sleeper so every time when I had to wake up to go to the loo, he wakes up too.

I feel a bit of pain on my lower womb and back bone when I sleep. When I turn from left to right or right to left, it's painful. When I sleep on my back, it becomes harder for me to breathe. So, I think I can safely say that in a night's sleep, I turn at least 10-times to try get a comfortable position but that never happens usually - unless I feel really worn out throughout the day, like for the past few nights. Heh.

I don't wake up so often anymore to the toilet because when it comes to night, I don't drink too much water. My bed is quite low so getting up is also a struggle. Hah. So, less toilet breaks while sleeping is good for me.


Surprisingly, the dry skin on my chin seems to be disappearing and I don't really have visits from pimples anymore. That or my stress level really very low heh.

My hair feels normal. Nothing unusually good or bad.


I don't feel as tired as I was before, which was surprising to be honest. I was preparing myself to feel as tired but turns out, I didn't need to take as much breaks as I did earlier.

I walked a lot this time, but also noticed that I am slowing down on that as the lower womb hurts every time I get up and walk, or move even. Dr Soon mentioned that this is all expected as the baby grows heavier.


I am less cranky now?

I don't know to be honest. You have to ask Koay on that, but I would like to think that I feel emotionally better now. Hah.

I do get sad or teary-feeling faster than normal - especially when I thought about the fact that some insurance company doesn't want to cover us due to a previous miscarriage. Boo-hoo. I did shed some tears thinking about it, but in the end, I was reassured to trust in God. He's my insurance. Heh.

I think Adrian managed to get one from Prudential - if I'm not mistaken.

Oh wells.


This is not really pregnancy related but I recently changed my 5-years old iPhone 5s to a brand new iPhone 8 with 256gb storage!

This only means that in 3-months time, my phone is gonna be filled with photos and videos of tiny human. Hah. Hopefully I won't be too obsessed with this human.


Oh my oh my.

This was one of the weirdest thing ever, at first.

Now, I look forward to his kicks and turnarounds in there. Every time after I have a good hard laugh, he would move hard.

Sometimes, it gets really uncomfortable because he would be kicking or pushing ( I wouldn't know) my bladder area and I find myself going to the toilet every 2-minutes with no more pee whatsoever. It's insane.

1 month ago, you wouldn't be able to see his movement by looking at the bump. Now, you totally can. It's so strong and constant.

His favorite time to move and kick is when we are all asleep, after midnight.

I was telling Koay the other day that confirm this one is your baby because even in my sleep, he will move me, just like you. Cannot give me some peace. Heh.

I guess with all that's being said, I am ready for this one to come already to be honest and now I don't mean like now now cos he's way too small to see the world outside of belly.

But I am mentally prepared to love (unconditionally) another person till I meet my Maker. My prayer now is that my love and commitment to husband shall never decrease when our son comes, that I must always love my husband more than my son (and other children to come). This one I know very susah eh, because I'm already starting to be a bit obsessed with this child, and he's not even out of me yet.

Imagine when he's out, I'm never letting him out of my sight. Hah. Kidding.

A full pregnancy term is 40 weeks, and I'm at my 25 weeks now. So, that means about 15 more weeks to go. I am for sure going to be in the ALERT mode when 30 weeks come.


Okay, till then, bye now.