13 October 2020

What is Change?

Change is inevitable. 

Heard of that before? If not, then you have been living inside a cave, is it? Heh. 

Anyways, my recent post mentioned that my last days with Holiday Tours are till the end of October, but turns out it is not! Hah. 

I will not be leaving this company after all!

There are some changes to the current role and looks like I will very much still be employed but with more flexibility - working from home, etc. 

I will not say I am excited to be taking on this "new role" because it really is not like a new-new role. More like now my main role is very much focused on one thing - instead of like doing sales and events and things. 

I will be very focused and very flexible in terms of my working time which I really wanted because I really want to spend more time with my two minis and to make more memories with them. 

I will also try to teach them like ABC, 123, time, and whatnot. The keyword is I TRY. Heh. 

I am not a teacher material and definitely do not have the level of patience teachers have. That is why I always feel that teachers should be paid more than what they are earning because whatever they teach, is whatever our children learn ya. 

So yeah - cannot wait for the "new job" to begin!