12 June 2013

Lost In Lost.

I realized that if I'm going to update my blog everyday, soon I'll run out of things to talk about already. Or I can start talking about my everyday life, like a day everyday is Sarah's shoe. Well, that will be a bore for sure. My life is not everyday happening kind. Though I tend to want to have plans every night. Then, I realized that the body needs more rest than the mind. So yeah.. no going out every night.

Speaking of body and resting, mom insisted that I start eating pig's liver if my blood pressure doesn't normalize and if I still feel like there's earthquake in my brain every 20 minutes or so. God, help me.

Just today I was talking to my dad about getting a house of my own soon and stuff like that. And then he said. "I only got my first bought apartment when I was 3*" And I was like, "Whattt?" Noo.. For sure I know God's gonna help me with this. For sure :) No house.. No a lot of things.. Hah.

On another note, I am finally going into Season 4 of Vampire Diaries. It was boring at first and then it got nice and now, it's starting to be boring again. The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars ftw! Next, I will be looking into Lost. I'm gonna try finish all the season. No dateline though. Try my best to enjoy the series. The last time I watched it was many many years ago and that also the first two episodes, I cabut already. Haha.

Other than all this usual thing on my daily life, I am missing that so much! *points to the photo*

Kanom Jeen. Truly a Thailand's delicacy. Delicious and literally fingers licking good! Their fried chicken also like extra yummy eh lo. No kidding. Ahh. I can still remember it being super juicy and super crunchy on the skin. Superr! *drools*

If I ever venture into business, any business at all, I would love to open a Thai Restaurant that serves real Thai food and charge people cheap cheap so that a lot of people would come. Penang people will not go for expensive Thai food. Never ehh. So many Thai food places in Penang that is nice and cheap okayy.

Now I'm super craving for some Tomyam action and keng som steamed fish and freid chicken. Ahhh. Such torture. Alright, 8 minutes to going home. Toods.

11 June 2013

Mind, Be Blown.

An old man was going for a walk, when he noticed a little boy feeding a thin, shaggy looking dog with bits of bread. He went up to the boy and asked him why he was sharing his bread with the dogs.

The little boy answered, "Because they have nothing. No home, no family, and if I don’t feed them they will die." 

“But there are homeless dogs everywhere," the old man replied. “So your efforts don’t really make a difference” 

The little boy looked at the dog and stroked him. But for this little dog, it makes all the difference in the world.”

Cameron Lyle, University of New Hampshire athlete, asked to choose between donating bone marrow to a total stranger with leukemia or competing in the championship he'd worked toward for 8 years.

He chose to end his athletic career to save a  28-year-old male cancer patient who doctors said had just six months to live. 

Female chimpanzee Dorothy died of heart failure. She was over 40 years old.

As she was being carried away, behind the fence together all the normally lively chimpanzees looked on in silence as their friend's lifeless body is wheeled away. Some even put their hands on the shoulders of one another.

10 June 2013

Hop Hop.

I went searching for old blogs. Dead and rotting blogs. Found some really rotted ones and it kinda made my day. Looking back at those photos of how they looked like in the past. Past as in just few years ago. SO FUNNY.

Some started new blogs. Some just never came back blogging.

Just so funny how sometimes you get that feeling of wanting to start a blog, put some attempt to keeping it alive for few months probably one year and then poof! All no more blogging. So sad! Because I don't no blogs to read d.. Haha.

Please feel free to leave your blog address in the comment box below so that I can follow you back! I enjoy reading blogs like how I enjoy reading magazines or like how I enjoy eating spicy stuff.

Ahhh. I really miss eating Thai food. If I could, I would eat it everyday at least once. This is sad :(

09 June 2013

Yay and Nay.

Rain on a Sunday?

Yay or nay?

Both for me. Today, I felt especially energized for some workout. And by workout I mean a few rounds of jogging around youth park and few rounds of captain ball. 

But it has to rain whole afternoon today. It just has to.

I slept through the noon anyways. So cold weather so nice to sleep in okay. So that's a yay for me.

Okay, maybe one more hour of nap will be good while waiting to go for dinnahh.


07 June 2013

Isaiah Forty verse Thirty-One.

"But those who wait upon the Lord get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles. They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind"

06 June 2013

Thailand Mission Trip.

If I can choose a few words to describe the one week long mission trip, it would be THE UNPREDICTABLE JOURNEY WITH GOD.

You must be wondering why UNPREDICTABLE. Though we knew the itinerary of this trip, everything kinda change when we got there. Most of the visits/plans were last minute being told to us, and it brings us to a whole new level of being flexible while doing God's work. It's a crazy ride with Him. It's a very refreshing crazy kind of ride.

From sharing our stories to feeding the poor with medicines and making sure the children swallow their de-worm pills, we all worked as a team for the glory of His Kingdom.

I have been to quite many of mission trips, but this one is one very different one. This is by far the most hardcore I've experienced. Actually, it's not that hardcore la. We stayed at a very nice place called Vineyard Orphanage. I'm not sure if that's the full name of the place. It's something like that. We stayed/ate/played with 24 kids in that huge blessed house. Then, we traveled around Chiang Rai to the mountain areas, to Laos where we ministered to the villagers, to Myanmar at one small church and Chiang Mai and Hat Yai.

All those travelling usually takes 4-6 hours daily for us to get to our destinations. It was tough as we all had to sit behind on a pick-up truck and mountain areas gave me quite bad of motion sickness. Probably because of my low blood pressure also, that's why I feel dizzy most of the time. 100 plus usually makes it feel better. Salt need to increase inside. Hah.

Other than all that, we get to taste the most amazing Thai food ever. Most of our main meals we had them with the village people and their local way of cooking them. Very simple yet very yummy. Not once was I craving for Penang/Western food at all throughout the entire trip. Told you I can live here forever. People there sumore so nice and polite. But not their driving attitudes la. Or manybe it's just their culture. If I were to be driving there, I would easily get offended with the way they honk at you. Haha.

I don't think words can be used to describe this trip. All of us had tears rolling down our cheeks. And all of us had that moment of missing the people there. All of us, seen the side of the Big Man that I believed we have never seen. A trip that I will forever remember, for sure.

05 June 2013

Back After Nine Days.

Oh wow. I never realized that it has been nine days since I last post anything! We had internet at the place we were staying in Chiang Rai but then, koko's laptop cannot detect the connection so yeah. 

I'm not gonna post anything on the trip today as I must/will spend time with my precious girls first. 

Is it possible to feel jetlagged even if it was only 1 hour of time difference? Heh. 

It's quite nice that we came home last night to a new flat screen TV and Astro Beyond. Haha. Speaking of being blessed beyond measure. 

It's gonna take some time for me to get use to working mode again. Ahhh. No more annual leave this year. I shall not worry. I shall not be sad. I shall continue be glad :)

I is beginning to feel sleepy again though I is wake up at 10am this morning. 

Oh dear.. 

Spent the last eight days with the crazy bunch and now, not seeing their face in the morning kinda sucks. Ahhh. 

Till then. Stay tuned for tomorrow! :)