12 June 2013

Lost In Lost.

I realized that if I'm going to update my blog everyday, soon I'll run out of things to talk about already. Or I can start talking about my everyday life, like a day everyday is Sarah's shoe. Well, that will be a bore for sure. My life is not everyday happening kind. Though I tend to want to have plans every night. Then, I realized that the body needs more rest than the mind. So yeah.. no going out every night.

Speaking of body and resting, mom insisted that I start eating pig's liver if my blood pressure doesn't normalize and if I still feel like there's earthquake in my brain every 20 minutes or so. God, help me.

Just today I was talking to my dad about getting a house of my own soon and stuff like that. And then he said. "I only got my first bought apartment when I was 3*" And I was like, "Whattt?" Noo.. For sure I know God's gonna help me with this. For sure :) No house.. No a lot of things.. Hah.

On another note, I am finally going into Season 4 of Vampire Diaries. It was boring at first and then it got nice and now, it's starting to be boring again. The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars ftw! Next, I will be looking into Lost. I'm gonna try finish all the season. No dateline though. Try my best to enjoy the series. The last time I watched it was many many years ago and that also the first two episodes, I cabut already. Haha.

Other than all this usual thing on my daily life, I am missing that so much! *points to the photo*

Kanom Jeen. Truly a Thailand's delicacy. Delicious and literally fingers licking good! Their fried chicken also like extra yummy eh lo. No kidding. Ahh. I can still remember it being super juicy and super crunchy on the skin. Superr! *drools*

If I ever venture into business, any business at all, I would love to open a Thai Restaurant that serves real Thai food and charge people cheap cheap so that a lot of people would come. Penang people will not go for expensive Thai food. Never ehh. So many Thai food places in Penang that is nice and cheap okayy.

Now I'm super craving for some Tomyam action and keng som steamed fish and freid chicken. Ahhh. Such torture. Alright, 8 minutes to going home. Toods.