06 June 2013

Thailand Mission Trip.

If I can choose a few words to describe the one week long mission trip, it would be THE UNPREDICTABLE JOURNEY WITH GOD.

You must be wondering why UNPREDICTABLE. Though we knew the itinerary of this trip, everything kinda change when we got there. Most of the visits/plans were last minute being told to us, and it brings us to a whole new level of being flexible while doing God's work. It's a crazy ride with Him. It's a very refreshing crazy kind of ride.

From sharing our stories to feeding the poor with medicines and making sure the children swallow their de-worm pills, we all worked as a team for the glory of His Kingdom.

I have been to quite many of mission trips, but this one is one very different one. This is by far the most hardcore I've experienced. Actually, it's not that hardcore la. We stayed at a very nice place called Vineyard Orphanage. I'm not sure if that's the full name of the place. It's something like that. We stayed/ate/played with 24 kids in that huge blessed house. Then, we traveled around Chiang Rai to the mountain areas, to Laos where we ministered to the villagers, to Myanmar at one small church and Chiang Mai and Hat Yai.

All those travelling usually takes 4-6 hours daily for us to get to our destinations. It was tough as we all had to sit behind on a pick-up truck and mountain areas gave me quite bad of motion sickness. Probably because of my low blood pressure also, that's why I feel dizzy most of the time. 100 plus usually makes it feel better. Salt need to increase inside. Hah.

Other than all that, we get to taste the most amazing Thai food ever. Most of our main meals we had them with the village people and their local way of cooking them. Very simple yet very yummy. Not once was I craving for Penang/Western food at all throughout the entire trip. Told you I can live here forever. People there sumore so nice and polite. But not their driving attitudes la. Or manybe it's just their culture. If I were to be driving there, I would easily get offended with the way they honk at you. Haha.

I don't think words can be used to describe this trip. All of us had tears rolling down our cheeks. And all of us had that moment of missing the people there. All of us, seen the side of the Big Man that I believed we have never seen. A trip that I will forever remember, for sure.