05 June 2013

Back After Nine Days.

Oh wow. I never realized that it has been nine days since I last post anything! We had internet at the place we were staying in Chiang Rai but then, koko's laptop cannot detect the connection so yeah. 

I'm not gonna post anything on the trip today as I must/will spend time with my precious girls first. 

Is it possible to feel jetlagged even if it was only 1 hour of time difference? Heh. 

It's quite nice that we came home last night to a new flat screen TV and Astro Beyond. Haha. Speaking of being blessed beyond measure. 

It's gonna take some time for me to get use to working mode again. Ahhh. No more annual leave this year. I shall not worry. I shall not be sad. I shall continue be glad :)

I is beginning to feel sleepy again though I is wake up at 10am this morning. 

Oh dear.. 

Spent the last eight days with the crazy bunch and now, not seeing their face in the morning kinda sucks. Ahhh. 

Till then. Stay tuned for tomorrow! :)