23 February 2015

Plus One Year.

It's really not supposed to be a big deal getting old, right?

I don't know why it gets to me everytime it's near my birthday. Every single time ever since I hit the big 2 and  big 5. Oh! This post is very outdated. My birthday was 13 days ago. Only had time now to update on it. 

Anyways, I didn't want to do anything big this year. I just wanted to have a good meal with my family and just hang out at home. I also didn't want to like have countdown and all that sort of stuff since tua han liau ma right? Heh.

The night before, mom surprised me with a homemade chocolate cake just before 12am. Definitely didn't see that coming!

I was greeted with the most comforting smell and loveliest sight on the table. My birthday breakfast! :)

Initially, Koay wanted to take me out on a dinner date that day but I refused because I wanted to celebrate with my family. He insisted so I told him to let me discuss with my parents first.

I asked my mom and she was like saying that I can eat with them on another day since Koay wants to take me out. So, I kinda let it be then.

I remembered coming home after work and feeling so worn out from all the driving around. We left for dinner earlier than planned because I just wanted to eat and get home and sleep. Hah. Sad right my birthday. 

He booked a table at Route 9 and I didn't really want to eat western food that night and was kinda trying my way to make him change the dinner venue. He kept saying, "Booked d lah. Cannot un-book" to which I replied, "Nvm, I will call them!"

Obviously that didn't happen because he kept saying he wants to eat there. At this point, I didn't suspect anything. I told him days earlier that I didn't want to have any surprise party whatsoever cos I just didn't want it. 

We sat down and I ordered a few side dishes since it was my birthday and I also had steak. Yums. I finished my main course and he still has his WHICH WAS EXTREMELY WEIRD because he always finishes his food faster than me! ALWAYS!

He kept saying that he's so full already and he's just forcing himself to eat the remaining chicken. I BELIEVED HIM OKAY! He is on a healthy diet now ma right. Hmm. 

We were looking at my phone, scrolling through photos of our upcoming holiday when suddenly, a group of people appeared behind me and started singing the Happy Birthday song. For that split second before I turned, I actually thought someone else is also having his/her birthday dinner there!

Not until when I turned and see those familiar faces. I turned back to look at Koay and then it all started to make sense. No wonder he kept smiling when I was finishing up my dinner! He was laughing because he could see them hiding behind that glass door! Yet, I didn't suspect anything. Hmm.

I was shocked. Surprised. Yes, a very successful one indeed. I thought I'm a very good detective when it comes to sniffing out these kind of surprises. I guess not so much hah.

Thank you guys for coming :)

They sat down and had their dinner there as well. I kept asking questions because I didn't think Koay could have pulled out such a thing without me finding out about it. Heh. 

So, basically my mom had this idea and got both my sisters to plan it out. Apparently, this has been ongoing secret mission for weeks before. 

I'm sorry for those who were not 'invited' as I understood that it was limited to about 10 people only or so. My parents paid for the entire night's meal and I had no clue whatsoever about it at all prior to the night.

I was really shocked. 

Needless to say, I was a very happy girl that night. VERY VERY HAPPY. 

I have the best parents and sisters in the world. 

 That pretty much concludes on how my one day before and exact day birthday went. It was best one so far. 

Then again, every year i said the same thing. 

Here's to another great year ahead of me! :)

18 February 2015

3D2N Cameron Highlands: Ben's Farewell Getaway.

with the close friends.
on the 6-8 February 2015.

It feels so good to finally be able to update again on all the things I did this month. It's been really a productive month with so many things going on. I feel great!

Anyways, a group of us were invited by Ben to go on this short getaway as a way of celebrating his farewell before he leaves to Sydney in less than a month. There were just 10 of us and as much as he would love to have more people on this trip, it was just not practical to invite all his good friends. So, ten of us it is. 

I took a day off from work so that I could tag along with them on Friday. You must know that my annual leave is something very precious because I don't have a lot of them and I need to really carefully plan out properly throughout the year. With that being said, Ben please know that I sacrificed one precious day for you. Heh. 

We all got into Ben's car on Friday morning, only to be greeted with bad news. Paul brothers couldn't make it for the trip last minute and we all could see such deep sadness in Ben's eyes. So, we decided to drive all the way to Bertam although we realized that they were still in school. We parked right in front of Bertam Indah and didn't really know what to do actually.

To cut the story short, we tried so hard but in the end also, their mom confirmed with us that they wouldn't be able to join the trip because they already have plans with their grandmother in Kedah. At this point, Ben was just so sad.

Ohh! Photo credits to Eulene and some from my 5s. All random order okay? Or maybe not..

We continued our journey to Ipoh for lunch and while we were on our way, Baxster texted and we called him back. We kinda like brainstorm to see if it's still possible for them to come. Since Leroy and Eulene were gonna drive down at night, the Paul brothers could follow them right?

While Baxster and Benz still try doing their thing at home, we decided to lie to Ben and told him that Paul brothers really cannot make it already. He was sad for a good 1 hour I think. 

Anyways, they made it for the trip and Ben didn't know until dinner time when they came behind him and gave him a good surprise. It was all gooood :)

He kinda suspected it when I kept telling the restaurant people that we have 10 people in total. Stress.

The first night, we just spent the night at the living room since all quite tired from the drive up from the island. Oh by the way, we stayed at this place called the Lutheran Mission Bungalow. The drive to this bungalow is so secluded and jungle-ish like. 

I don't know if I love the place so much that I would come back here again at the rate of RM40 per night. Maybe if they change the caretaker. Heh. The view is nice, the weather was perfecttt and the company was amazing. That's all that really matters right?

The rooms are quite basic and they are still using the olden days heater with real fire. That's something.

Holiday yeahhhhh!

On the last day, we decided to pay extra RM10 per person to have breakfast prepared for us at the bungalow. It was alright I guess.

We did all the touristy stuff. We didn't have any planned out itinerary so it was really google and go kinda thing. 

Big Red Strawberry Farm (found on Tripadvisor) also known as Taman Agro Tourism Cameron Highlands. 

We did not do any self plucking or buy any strawberry stuff. We walked around and took pictures and yeah.

The only strawberry that was BIG and RED in the farm.

When I saw these three, I immediately thought of my sisters. I'm too attached to them seriously.

@ Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

This was my first time to a bee farm ever. So, I was kinda excited to see those bees. Turns out, all the bees (baby bees) were too attached in their little boxes. Could hardly see anything really. More walking only. Hah. 

Have to try their honey right? Didn't even finish one quarter of the tube. TOO SWEET!

Boy in black playing with beetle in black.

@ Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas.

We spent quite some time here. First, to feast on those scones and enjoy a cuppa while feasting our eyes on those wide green scenery. Them we had a mini photoshoot for Ben. That was pretty fun! :)

All this for one person. I cannot sacrifice any so take all lah.

Pejabat Hutan (The Forestry Department) Daerah Raub dan Cameron Highland.

The place where I camped here for few days last time and I wanted to show them mini waterfall with ice-cold water but turns out, there were so little water that it was just like a pool or something. Heh.

@ Silverstar Restaurant.

This is where we had both nights' dinner at. Only because on the first night, the lady told us that she would give us 50% discounts on all the dishes that we order for our makan-makan. So, we agreed and the second night when we wanted to have steamboat, she gave us a good price also, at about RM15 per person and we bough extra fishballs  and stuff from the supermart. Vegetables free flow some more. Taste was just alright though. Nothing to shout about except for the price.

@ Mamak place at Tanah Rata (forgot what's it called d)

Their wall is yellow-ish orangy. Two shops next to each other eh. One of the best roti canai that I've ever tasted and maggi sup pun bagus juga.

@ Pasar pagi somewhere after Brinchang.

Our final shopping stop before we say goodbye to Cameron and head down to Ipoh to have the ever famous nasi ganja. We hung out at Burps & Giggles for a while after lunch and then we drove to Raja Uda for tomyam and home sweet home. 

While trying to get my #ootdonlywhenitravel shot. She doesn't care obviously. Heh.

It was a really nice three days spent with these people. So much laughter and teasing and feeling comfortable with each other. The weather definitely made it even better. 

Here's to many more years to come with you people!

Gonna miss you Ben. Especially you. I shall save that for another post :) 

11 February 2015

No Time.

This is the only time I actually have time to place my butt on the chair and update something. JUST ANYTHING!

I'm here to say that this space is going to be quiet for a little while now because I will be away for the next one week. HOLIDAY AWAITS!

So, please don't think that I've lost all kind of blogging mojo and stuff. I just really can't seem to find a time to blog about things. So many things I wanna update here goodness!

Anyways, stay safe on the road everyone and drink lots of water because the weather this week is insanely hot. PLEASE BE SAFE!

05 February 2015

Tropfest South East Asia 2015.

with my HOD.
on the 1st February 2015.

The world's LARGEST short film festival, now that's a first for me. It's their second time having it in Penang and we were invited to attend its opening at the VIP section. I can't tell if I was already excited days prior to the event or I was just looking forward to being a VIP that day.

Never been invited to be a VIP so that's why this one is like such a big deal. Heh.

One of the best thing that I can ever have is this. VIP parking. Oh goodness. When I do sales call, finding a parking space can be the one thing that really challenges my patience and to find one that is nearby is also very difficult. So, when we got that VIP space, I was smiling from ear to ear. Besttt.

We got there by 5:30pm and already there were some crowds on the field, enjoying the live band on stage. For VIPs, I think we were the first to arrive. I think VIPs should learn that punctuality applies to everyone whatever your status may be. It's basic manners don't you think so? 

So guys, when you become someone important and big shot in the future, remember your manners. Be at an event on time, seriously.

Anyways, we hung around the take photo place, took some shots and quickly get to our seats. Evening sun too hot cannot tahan. Hah.

And yes, I was like a little girl when I saw Kumar walked towards me and sat at the same row. Too shy to get a photo with him her so this will do. I won't say I'm a very big fan of Kumar but it's quite exciting to see a celeb like that. Heh.

Turns out the opening act was just for us to chill and enjoy the live band music for a while, chit-chat with the other VIPs and be served like the royalties. Their lemon lychee drink is amazing but because I too lazy to go to the toilet, I just had one. Heh.

Finger foods like satay, shrimps, brownies, cheesecake, fish cake, pie tee and their ever-delicious mushroom pastries were served to us at our seat. It was all so good. 

We sat there till 8pm and that's when the short films started to play on the big screen. We watched the first 8 films and then I decided to leave the VIP section and go meet with the crazy bunch.

Being pampered like VIPs and sit on the comfy chair is amazing but nothing beats watching those films with your friends even when I have to sit on the floor and have backache after. Nothing.

We stayed till the end of Tropfest and goofed around for a while before we went for supper. 

It was a good Sunday night. 


 Bonus photo :)

28 January 2015

3D2N Johor Bahru: HTT's Annual Dinner 2015.

for Holiday Tours & Travel's Company Trip.
with 280 staffs of HTT Malaysia.
on the 23-25 January 2015.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea where I'm currently working at (shame on you!), I am with Holiday Tours & Travel. It has been 2 years plus with this company and so far, I'm loving it! 

Our HQ is in KL and we have a few branches all across the Peninsular. Penang, Kuantan and Johor. We are also expanding to the East Malaysia very soon. We have a total of 300 staffs. Holiday Tours & Travel by far is the top travel agency in Malaysia (if I'm not wrong!)

One of the core services in this company is corporate travels and that's the department I'm in. That should be enough for a company's summary I hope. 

Penang-Johor Bahru

The Penang team are divided into half and the first group flew to Johor in the afternoon and the rest of us at night. We took Airasia direct flight, AK 6415 and it only took us less than an hour to reach Johor. 

Thanks to Blake Lively that 45 minutes ride felt really short. Don't you think she's like the hottest celeb mom everrr. Gah. 

We stayed at Doubletree by Hilton. LOVE THE ROOM! The food okay okay only. Nothing to shout about really.

By the time we got to the hotel, it was already midnight and after settling down in my room and changed into my PJ, we all went to another room and played monopoly deal. Heh. I went back to sleep halfway because the flu was getting worse and we got to wake up at 6am the next day for the teambuilding.

It was insane okay! Less than 4 hours to sleep and I was still feeling pretty weak.

Johor Bahru

Yes, I really did wake up at 6am. Surprisingly, I didn't sleep well despite taking the sleepy-flu-med. Hmm. I took a long nice hot shower and got ready for breakfast. Then, we all gathered together and headed to Legoland. 

There, we took photos and did a lot of icebreaker games before we kick start our Lego Race (The Amazing Race style!). I was in the yellow team but apparently, the Manchester United singlet that Koay got from Phuket was more to green than yellow. So, basically I looked like the 'lost member' in the yellow team. Heh. 

Our team consists of staffs from KL, Kuantan, Johor and Penang! So muhibah okay.

The man in blue on the first left is my Managing Director, Thomas. The coolest Director I have ever known. So humble and down to earth. Bestt!

We ran quite a lot in the beginning because so pumped up to finish first and stuff. Oh and it was so hot in Johor that it feels like it's two different sun compared to our sun here. Crazy okay! 

The Lego race isn't like The Amazing Race. All we need to do is complete all 10 rides and answer some questions along the way and break some codes. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS JUST SIT FOR ALL RIDES. Whaatt? Okaylah, it was fun lah but definitely not very like The Amazing Race. Hah.

I'm proud to say that I did all although I was very hesitant about the main roller coaster ride. I did it in the end lah since I wanted to have like perfect team score. Kiasu me.

All very determined to solve those questions. Some so difficult it's impossible to answer.

We stopped at 1pm for lunch and have free time till 3:30pm. There were 7 buses in total right. 6 of the buses were summoned to come earlier and send us all back to hotel earlier. Haha. So funny. No one wanted to stay any longer because it was so hot and we did most of the rides also anyways.

Penang team reunited again after lunch! 

I love coming back to a nice-already-made-up-room. I rested a while before taking the longest and warmest shower. Oh goodness. If only they have the bathtub in the room, then it will be perfect already. If only I have the room all to myself, lagi perfect! Hah.

Anyways, I watched Revenge on the TV a while and fell asleep until about 5:30pm and literally had to drag myself out of the bed. Quickly doll up and met with the rest of them. 

We went down to get our 'lucky dip prizes' and many of them get things like Jusco's RM50 vouchers, Philip's hair dryer, toaster and blender. 




I was pretty excited at first then only realize that there is absolutely no point in it because I'm not going to spend RM500 (good promotion time!) or up to RM1,000 fly to Hong Kong just to stay at this hotel for free right? Besides, I already have so many travel plans for the first half of the year and this is valid till 30 June 2015 only.

So yeah. Trying to sell it off to my colleagues if anyone happens to want to go Hong Kong. Too bad I can only sell/give to HTT staffs only. Part of the terms and conditions. Boohoo. 

So, while waiting to be seated, we hung around, take lots of photos, talk to people and make new friends. We definitely took a lot of photos outside. Sales team lah, 4th floor team lah, Contiki gang lah (people who are below 35 years old!) etc. The list is never ending!

Sales team :)

Some of the Contiki Gang :)

90% of HTT Penang's staff :)

One thing about the night though is that it's buffet style so hmm.. Never really like buffet style kind of dinner, especially when it's so formal and everyone is so dressed up. 

The rest of the night, we sat down and enjoyed some of the performances. The emcee I thought was really funny. I can't remember his name. We participated in a 'game' where the whole table must stand on the chair and dance. Malu but memorable night it was.

After the night was done, we stayed back and continue dancing to the music in front of the stage with the rest of the young people of HTT. Our MD still partying outside the hall with some of the guests. It was such a fun night. 


Johor Bahru-Penang

I skipped breakfast needless to say because first, the food isn't that great and second, we all slept at don't know what time. By the time I woke up, I only had less than an hour to do everything for check-out already.

We went to Johor Premium Outlet before heading to the airport. My flight departs at 3:20pm with AK 6418 so I had so little time to walk around and actually buy things. EVERYTHING IN JPO WAS ON SALE! 

Since I couldn't really decide whether I was going to spend money there and then, might as well spend more time have a good lunch. 

I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE SWATCH SHOP! My colleagues told me on Monday that they got a total of 16 WATCHES! SIXTEEN!! Because it was super cheap after the discounts! 

I wanna cry okay. I'm the biggest fan of Swatch. I never wear other brands one okay. The one that I'm wearing costs me about RM300 and they only got it for less than RM100! MADNESS.

Then, PEN-JHB with Airasia got promo. Return trip only RM58! I told Koay we should do a one day trip down just to shop at JPO. No kidding! Cheaper than bus ticket to KL. I told him G2000 that time also on crazy promotion and it's super true. Ahhh.

If I have a choice, I will always prefer to travel with an international airlines like Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and others. I don't really like low cost carriers. Cheap yes but super uncomfortable. Actually, Airasia also not that cheap anymore. Sometimes, MAS' rates are much cheaper. 

But I'm not complaining. It's all good :)

Thankful for every opportunity that I get to travel :)