05 October 2016

Post-Wedding Talk.

It's been +10 days since 'till death do us part'.

This space has also been super quiet for half a month already. Goodness.

Now that the biggest day of our lives had passed and we have celebrated our honeymoon for a week, it's time to get back to the normal routines, except for me, nothing is normal again.

I don't feel normal anymore. Hah.

I am a woman now :)

Anyways, I guess the biggest hardest part of this life-change is moving out and away from my parents and maid (heh). I have never lived anywhere else without my parents and their face is usually the last ones I see before I go to bed.

Not anymore now.

It's sad in a way for me because I feel like I always want to be attached to them physically and live in the same home. All together in one super huge bungalow or something. That way, everyone happy. Hah.

Even though we are on the same island, the struggle is still real and it still feels a bit off.

I enjoy waking up with the Mister every morning next to me, but I also want to see my parents' face when I walk out of my room. Well, there's always Facetime, then again both parents do not use iPhone. Oh mannn.

Change is inevitable I know.

I'm going to just take one step at a time :) It will all be gooood.

Speaking of change, guess who doesn't need to watch their diet anymore?!


Our tummy is growing on us and if we don't watch out, we may just never be able to be fit again. I meant I, not we. He's still actively involved in sports so that won't be an issue for him. I on the other hand, need to find something to do that can help me maintain my shape and at the same time, I still get to eat guiltless-ly.

No need to go 'diet' anymore yassss. I don't have to order salad only during dinner tho that's also super rare occasion. I had a very light dinner once, and did a light workout after that, straight fainted. I ended up swallowing a whole gulp of concentrated ribena and Cadbury chocolates. Lesson learnt: eat rice if plan to exercise.

It is super surreal okay that the big day happened and now it's history already. I remembered the stress clearly, and i remembered breaking down one time throughout the entire year of planning. ONE TIME.

The stress of planning your own wedding is real and it cannot be measured with anything because you obviously will have your expectations, and when things seemed to be going further away from what your initial planning was, you will burst. I did, one time.

Bridezilla, my sister will always call me that time. I agreed with her because I finally understood why I was being so stressed out. Only one reason.

I'M ONLY GETTING MARRIED ONCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, so you bet I was a bridezilla. Hah.

I'm super thankful however, that the entire wedding was beyond perfect. It was even better than what I have imagined it to be. For sure the planning of it was chaotic, but it was perfect.

That and also because Adrian teared when I walked down the aisle. He promised he would not, but he did :)

We are waiting for all the photos, and once we have received them, for sure we will post them up here and in FB, and most likely I will spam my Instagram daily too so too bad for you all. Heh.

I will also be posting up on some of the things that I've learnt, loved, not love here soon. Now, I need to clear my side of the room first because it's just pure mess on the table and floor. Ahh.

We don't even have toothbrush/toothpaste holder in our bathroom yet. Looks like we will be visiting DIY shop soon.

Till next time.


14 September 2016

07 September 2016

Dear Future Husband.

Alert: This may be too sweet geli for you, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. Heh. When I say 'you', I meant other people okay. Not you, Adrian Koay. You have to read finish all. In fact, you should read a few times and memorize it in your heart :)

I had no intention whatsoever to post something like this here, but I have been feeling very love-y-ish lately as we count down to the big day. I have no idea why.

That and also stress-eating which explains why my tummy is growing and there is no baby in there. Stress-eating is a serious disorder people. I need someone to take my stress away and just stop craving for foods that are not good for the soul! Ah!

Actually I think it's because of the food-tasting dinner that we had last night with our families that made me all so gooey inside. It felt as though we fast-forwarded time and there we were, sitting next to each other, holding hands under the table with occasional pinching because this has got to be a dream.

Anyways, here goes a piece of my heart in this personal space.

The four years of date-ship has been nothing but a roller-coaster ride. I bet you were expecting that I would say 'nothing but amazing'. Hah.

The truth about our relationship is it is not always amazing. We have so much ups and so much downs that if it's in an equation, it will probably be the same amount.

It is not always amazing because how can it be amazing when we were both shouting at each other that even Papua New Guinea can hear us. How can it be amazing when we both didn't want to talk to each other because of yet another fight? How can it be amazing when we both would argue on what color teh toilet carpet should be?

Nope, it is not always amazing. I bet if it is always amazing, we would get bored pretty quickly, because everyday we would be feeling just so amazing, all the time.

It has been and still will be a roller-coaster ride because:

You will lose your cool and utter words that you don't mean once in a while during an argument.
He - 0, She - 1.

I will give you the undeserved silent treatment that I know tortures to the very core of your being.
He - 1, She - 1.

I will give you leg and hand massages after your floorball/futsal/badminton/footbal games.
He - 1, She - 2.

You will go out of your way at times to get food that I crave for. Hopefully this continues when I get pregnant okay.
He - 2, She - 2.

We always have a great time laughing at zero-sense things or at each other.

You will always make a big fuss when I don't hold your hand.
He - 3, She - 2.

We never let a day go by (even when we argue) without saying 'I love you'.

You like to scan through my face to look for blackheads and pimples, and it frustrates me.
He - 3, She- 3.

You said you wanted 3 kids and I wanted 5, so we met halfway and decided to have four.

I love touching your one-pack belly because it annoys you.
He - 4, She - 3.

You got very angry with me when you found out that I'm still driving with an expired license and that I did not bother to change it.
He- 5, She - 3.

I would suggest something and you will immediately say no without a proper discussion, especially if it involves money. Boo.
He - 5, She - 4.

You do not discourage me on travelling because it's something that you love doing too.

You patiently helped me with my 'paranoia' and 'spontaneous mood-swings' that has no reason whatsoever.
He - 6, She - 4.

You always finish up the drinks without care to ask if I wanted some.
He - 6, She - 5.

I will always not wanting to wash the dishes.
He - 7, She - 5.

There. How can it be amazing when sometimes I have to do the dishes because you didn't want to? How can it be always amazing when I give you the silent treatment?

So, it is not always amazing. As much as I hate roller-coaster rides (for real), I enjoyed this one with you, and I don't plan on getting out of this one as long as you're in it too, hun.

I bet there is still so much of each other's horrible habits that we have yet to discover (which we will once I move in heh) and I'm pretty sure also that it will drive both of us crazy, but I want you to know that I love you and who you are in this relationship so there is no need to change okay.

Maybe a few things need to change la.

Like closing toothpaste cap okay, for real. I'm not kidding :)

I don't know what it's like being married to a best friend, but I think right it will be quite drama one. We are like so comfortable with each other that we may not have filters to everything anymore, from the way we sit to the way we pick our nose whenever and wherever we want so that is another adjustment.

So yes hun, I never thought that I would still be 'mold-able' by a person until you came. That's quite a miracle if I may say. Heh. No wonder people always say, 'better-half'.

You are definitely my better-half.

And since I'm a girl and I have to go through all the pain to give you little Koays, that's extra 2 points for me, so He - 7, She - 7.

Win for both :)


Love you bro.

Bye now. 

25 August 2016

Wedding Update 17.

Hello you people.

I realized that I have a few posts that's too back-dated, but I am not feeling the blogging mojo at this moment because of all the things that's in my mind right now.

Nope, not wedding.


Who am I kidding?

Ever since Daryl was born, it seems that I cannot hide the fact that the next big thing that I must look forward to is the wedding.

Oh by the way, thank you all who prayed for Daryl. He was in the hospital for about a week due to a very abnormal case of jaundice where it was detected on the first day when he came out. The normal jaundice case usually only occurs on second day onward.

He is home now, sleeping, drinking milk and farting a lot. His jaundice (as of yesterday) went up again and he still looks quite yellow-ish. Please do continue to pray for Daryl. Doctor says that it will take about 10 days for the jaundice to stabilize, but if not then Daryl will most likely needs to be admitted again.

Praying for complete healing in Jesus' name!


By the way, Daryl is not my baby biologically okay. Just a note for those who didn't know and probably thought that he's from my womb. He's my sister's second born, hopefully not last born :)

So that is that.

Daryl came and now the next thing to come is the entire walking down the aisle (the one thing that freaks me out most now) and moving to another house without my parents.

That will feel like real adulthood I feel. No.. I don't want to be an adult can ah? So many decisions to make. Headache ni.

I do look forward to sharing the same room with my best-friend but totally not looking forward to the snores. Heh. Can never please a girl they say.

Anyways, on 24 August 2016 which was yesterday, we sat down right after dinner and finalized our table seating for all our guests.


What if they don't like each other?
What if this table is too quiet?
Why got one extra seat here?
All couple so how to fit one person here?
Not so nice to mix young people with old people la.
Enough food for this group or not?

That was just putting people to a seat each. We haven't even allocate the table numbers. Later put them too far say we don't respect them, put them too near to the speakers they cannot enjoy, put them in the middle so difficult to walk out, put them at the side later their kids run everywhere cannot control et cetera.

A table can fit up to 10 adults, and too bad for us, our gang of friends, clients, colleagues, families do not come in groups on tens. So, that's another difficult area to manage, but we did it anyhow.

We discussed until midnight okay I almost fell asleep on the table. Drama heh.

One thing I did learnt throughout the 11 months of planning is that I realized that there is still so much of myself and Koay that we both do not know yet, and we've been best kind of buddies for about 4 years before we started dating each other. That's 8 years in total for both of us to know each other to the core, but nope.

I think what helped is the pre-marriage counselling with Pastor Cowan. The different sessions reveal a lot of things that's in us that we were not aware of. I didn't even think at first that it was important for him to know the other inner side of me because I was being defensive and I of course want to protect myself just in case right.

One thing that makes us more effective as a unit is where we understood each other's expectations and how to manage it in peace but with lots of communications. No silent treatment all thank you.

We now understand why we get angry on certain things or how we react to certain issues and how we 'tackle' each other.

In the first 6 months of our planning, we argued so much that there were days we refused to talk to each other. It was bad, in my opinion. But when the counselling starts, everything seemed better and fun-er.

Now, we hardly argue. We still have our big/huge disagreements and we I still sometimes talk very loudly/rude when certain things came up but I now know how to see things differently.

He knows to remind me to talk normally (no need blood pressure rise up all) and discuss things through. I know how to explain to him the different perspectives before he makes a quick convenient decision. We both learnt to meet halfway and come out with the third option should the first and second not work.

Of course sometimes, he will give in to me because I have better taste (if we are referring to house-things). Kidding boy kidding. You are very good with it too :)

So yeah.

We have 1 month left to get all things sorted.

One month to Bali and Lombok :)

Oh yes please :)

Bye now. 

16 August 2016

Wedding Update 16: Application Form for Marriage.

Yes, this is the one part that we didn't know we had to do, until my amazing wedding planner mentioned it to us and was confirmed by our Pastor who is marrying us off on twentieth of September.

Since we have one month to go, we panicked because we didn't know how long this whole application is going to take or what are the things that we need to prepare.

So, in order for you couples-to-wed not to be panicky like us, here's a few steps of what to do to prepare for the signing ceremony, be it in church or not.

Step 1

Before heading to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to get the form, here's a list of things you should do and have when you go to JPN together.

This will make your life easier, trust me.
  1.  Passport photos of yourself in hardcopy (with blue background).
  2.  A copy of your witness' IC in A4 paper. 
  3. A copy of your own IC also in A4 paper. 
  4. A copy of your birth certificate.
  5. RM20 to pay for the form.
That's it.

Step 2

Bring all those documents and go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). I don't know where else JPM is located but we went to the town one, opposite Wisma TNB, nearby KDU College and located next to The one Academy College. The big brown-ish building.

Our office is nearby that area so we walked over during lunch time. It's very difficult to find parking there by the way. VERY DIFFICULT.

Remember to go together because they obviously need to see your face. The government people.

Go up to Level 3, and head to the Jabatan Perkahwinan office. If not sure, ask someone there. Their office is quite secluded inside. You will see a food court there. It's behind the food court.

Take a number and wait for 5 seconds.


Step 3

The government person will need both your Identification Card (IC) and she will check on her computer to see both of your legal status.

After confirm both also single, she will then bring out a piece of form and explain to you both on the things you need to do and documents you need to prepare, of which you will already have if you follow my steps. Hah. Okay, so what you need to do now is to fill up the form. There is a bahagian lelaki and bahagian perempuan and attache all the documents with the form.


Step 4

You will need to bring the form and all the documents to a Commissioner of Oath, who will usually be in a law firm.

We went to the a law firm at the street along UMNO Building. It's at the same row with City Link.

The whole process takes about 5 minutes I think.

We went in and the woman took our IC to validate the information, and sign for us. Pay her RM20 for the service and off we went.

Step 5

Go back to JPN, and submit the completed form with the documents. She will check and stamp this and that and sign, then you're done.

She will pass all the documents back to you so that you may pass it to your pastor and your pastor will do the rest from there. If you are not signing the paper in church, then you should probably ask the government people on what is to do next because we obviously didn't go through that part. Hah.

It feels super crazy to complete this part of the borang perkahwinan because at a time, it felt as though we have signed the legal document as husband and wife.

Oh my. This will be my most important signature yet. G.

No turning back already. Not that I want to also :)

Bye now. 

10 August 2016

It's Next Month!

This is not normal!

One month left?

But but it's just yesterday that he proposed no?

We were not at Angkor Wat yesterday?

Oh man.

This feeling is so indescribable.

ONE MONTH?!?!?!?!?!

The next thing is what? One week left?


I am freaking out because I actually don't know what I am currently feeling which is probably a mixture of millions of unknown emotions not known to mankind.

This feeling is so exciting yet scary.

By the way, today is our dateline for all RSVPs so that just makes it real-er.

Okay bye now. 

01 August 2016

3D2N Cameron Highlands (Camping-Style).

with the lover, Jack, Carmen, Kuok Tjun, Shalene, Nehemiah, Angeline, Andrew and Beverly.
on 10-12 June 2016.

If you know us pretty well, you would have known by now that whenever we need a winter-like holiday that requires less than RM300 per person over the weekend, Cameron Highlands will always be the first choice.

Not Genting Highlands because there is nothing to do there except for eating and gambling and it's very haunted. Hah.

To be fair, there is not a lot of things to do in Cameron Highlands as well but they do have the most amazing campsite so that's a win. Though I feel that they should renovate the toilets and put an effort in keeping them clean and unclogged. Hah.

So, what else is there to do when life got us all so stressed up and broke?

We create a Whatsapp Group with this kind of title: 3D2N Camping at CH and start adding people who share the same 'camping-passion' with you or people who will most likely not give you an immediate loud NO everytime you suggest a quick vacation. Heh.

The hardest part was fixing the right date when most of the fellow group-ies can go.

If that is not done asap, then the holiday will not happen. The other details such as how to go and what to do there comes later on.

When the parents knew about the camping plan, they got all so excited and decided to join us. They went and get all the camping tents and stuff the very next day. So the parents, Vanessa, Vicky and Ah Boon all geared up and ready to try camping life for the first time.

They went on Friday morning, while the rest of us drove up to Cameron Highlands on Friday night after work. Tiring yes but somehow the fact that we get to enjoy the winter-weather after few hours of drive seems to be so worth it so nope, no time to feel tired.

If you want to know more on this camping adventure, all the where-tos and how-tos, you may go read this post instead. Please know that they have renovated the place and if I may, I feel that the camping area seems better now. All sand-ed up, so softer grounds to sleep on.

I love love love camping at Cameron Highlands despite the smelliest, yuckiest toilets that they've got. Camping in winter places is the best kind of thing.

The only thing that was boo throughout this trip was the constant rain. It was so bad that my parents, Vanessa, Vicky and Boon stayed a night in the hotel while the rest of us remained at the campsite because our tents were not flooded like theirs.

That is why it is so important to get waterproof tents (which are obviously more expensive than the normal ones). The other tents had water inside too but was not too bad because they were on the higher part of the sand area, so no takung water there.

Some of the pillows, most of the clothes, all towels and other things were so wet that we had to bring to their dobi to spin dry them.

Coldest and wettest time of the month for sure. Loved the low celcius but dislike the wetness from the rain.

Then again, if it wasn't for the rain, the river probably won't be so freezing cold and we may not have the water to play with like little kids.

One of the nicest and most adventurous weekend spent with the crazy bunch :)

I foresee myself investing more $$$ into camping things.

Till next time.

Bye now.