05 October 2016

Post-Wedding Talk.

It's been +10 days since 'till death do us part'.

This space has also been super quiet for half a month already. Goodness.

Now that the biggest day of our lives had passed and we have celebrated our honeymoon for a week, it's time to get back to the normal routines, except for me, nothing is normal again.

I don't feel normal anymore. Hah.

I am a woman now :)

Anyways, I guess the biggest hardest part of this life-change is moving out and away from my parents and maid (heh). I have never lived anywhere else without my parents and their face is usually the last ones I see before I go to bed.

Not anymore now.

It's sad in a way for me because I feel like I always want to be attached to them physically and live in the same home. All together in one super huge bungalow or something. That way, everyone happy. Hah.

Even though we are on the same island, the struggle is still real and it still feels a bit off.

I enjoy waking up with the Mister every morning next to me, but I also want to see my parents' face when I walk out of my room. Well, there's always Facetime, then again both parents do not use iPhone. Oh mannn.

Change is inevitable I know.

I'm going to just take one step at a time :) It will all be gooood.

Speaking of change, guess who doesn't need to watch their diet anymore?!


Our tummy is growing on us and if we don't watch out, we may just never be able to be fit again. I meant I, not we. He's still actively involved in sports so that won't be an issue for him. I on the other hand, need to find something to do that can help me maintain my shape and at the same time, I still get to eat guiltless-ly.

No need to go 'diet' anymore yassss. I don't have to order salad only during dinner tho that's also super rare occasion. I had a very light dinner once, and did a light workout after that, straight fainted. I ended up swallowing a whole gulp of concentrated ribena and Cadbury chocolates. Lesson learnt: eat rice if plan to exercise.

It is super surreal okay that the big day happened and now it's history already. I remembered the stress clearly, and i remembered breaking down one time throughout the entire year of planning. ONE TIME.

The stress of planning your own wedding is real and it cannot be measured with anything because you obviously will have your expectations, and when things seemed to be going further away from what your initial planning was, you will burst. I did, one time.

Bridezilla, my sister will always call me that time. I agreed with her because I finally understood why I was being so stressed out. Only one reason.

I'M ONLY GETTING MARRIED ONCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, so you bet I was a bridezilla. Hah.

I'm super thankful however, that the entire wedding was beyond perfect. It was even better than what I have imagined it to be. For sure the planning of it was chaotic, but it was perfect.

That and also because Adrian teared when I walked down the aisle. He promised he would not, but he did :)

We are waiting for all the photos, and once we have received them, for sure we will post them up here and in FB, and most likely I will spam my Instagram daily too so too bad for you all. Heh.

I will also be posting up on some of the things that I've learnt, loved, not love here soon. Now, I need to clear my side of the room first because it's just pure mess on the table and floor. Ahh.

We don't even have toothbrush/toothpaste holder in our bathroom yet. Looks like we will be visiting DIY shop soon.

Till next time.