15 November 2013

Haters Gotta Hate.

You probably already expected this post coming for those of you who saw my latest Instagram photo and its caption.

But then again, come to think about it, I think I'm not going to talk about is so much though I actually want to. Haha.

Just two people posting hate-notes. I say hate-notes because the way they commented feels like we have stepped on their feet or something. I mean, it is our honest opinion. And I still do think the soya bean is super overrated and expensive (although it's only RM0.90 per bowl/glass) because they serve in such a small amount. So yeah. My rating is very low because it isn't that good as how people are worshipping it. Heh. Oh wellz.

It's very nice to receive encouraging notes from friends. It is my first time receiving this kind of response, but since we re doing this for fun, I'm going to learn to receive them and not allowing it to affect me in that way. Yes, I am expecting more mean comments coming.

I say until as if I celebrity or something. JOKER LA ME.

Anyways, I am sooooo glad that it's Friday already! It has been crazy week and now crazy week has got to leave.

Two more weeks to short holiday again. Ahhh! I need vacation, whether long or short EVERY MONTH!

Okaylah, I think I just made it a must to travel for holidays at least once a month!